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Happy Masters Week

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. My money's on the field.

    As to Tiger shooting good scores on Tuesday, remember Lanny Wadkins...
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  2. I’ve got

    Longshots are Kisner and Schauffele.
  3. Mmmm. I have not seen in Fowler that mental toughness in Major tournaments. I agree he is good enough to be in the mix on the weekend but not winning. Maybe he proves me wrong.
  4. So far only one of my six picks missed the cut. Justin Rose for some reason had a bad week to be off his game. Missed the cut. The others are in it. It will a very fun weekend to watch IF the weather cooperates.
  5. I have to say it's completely weird to see pros putting with the pin in...
  6. I agree. Its a new rule implemented by the USGA to speed up play not only in professional tournaments which the PGA adheres to, but to speed up play for the average golfers playing a regular round of golf around the USA. Five and six hour rounds of golf is NOT fun at all.
  7. I personally love it on short putts. Hit it with some pace straight into the flag stick
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  8. Everybody loves Rory going into Masters week (including me) because his game is perfect for that course. Would seem inevitable that he would get at least one green jacket. But he just can't seem to handle the moment.
  9. Maybe as a tribute to Dan Jenkins, I'll root for Oosthuizen. In memory of Jenkins' tweet from about 10 years ago when Oosthuizen first showed up on a disappointing leaderboard at the Masters: "What is a Louis Oosthuizen?"

    Actually will probably root for some magic from Phil.
  10. Helluva leaderboard going into the weekend.
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  11. Yeah I guess I feel the way some pros do. Good rule for those of us playing without caddies (to speed up the pace) but odd for the pros. And if some players want the pin but others don't, it won't speed it up at all.
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    Hitting bombs and attacking pins, plus a little dig at Kuchar....some of the best insight on Augusta you will ever get in just over a minute

  13. Social media was made for Phil
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  14. Twitter Phil is one of the best versions of Phil out there. I loved his calf excersize series a few weeks ago.
  15. Dustin Johnson is not a guy that looks better with a beard....
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  16. Rory will start Sunday 8 back at best. Some low scores already on the board today and a lot of golf left.
  17. ^was thinking the same thing about DJ, ha

    This leaderboard is filthy.....
  18. This tournament is an absolute nut
  19. It's moving day...Web Simpson -8 (for the day). Wow.
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  20. This tournament has lived up to expectations so far. So many big names within 4 shots

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