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Growing Up The Quarterback

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. It's Sunday morning. Frogs are 2-2, and we all know, we could just as easily be 4-0. It's frustrating (to say the least) to watch the Frogs turn the ball over 7 times in the last 2 games. Robinson credited with 5 of the 7 turnovers. While maddening to fans, first-year struggles, for new quarterbacks, isn't anything out of the norm. Let's take a look back at Dalton and Boykin.

  2. TB was in the wrong system his first two years. Only running play we had was that read option and TB kept it every time and panic scrambled for a loss of two. While our good running backs were standing alone when they should have had the ball. The spread offense was a blessing for TB as it was better for his decision making process and skill set.

    Shawn definitely needs to be told that turnovers will immediately affect his playing time.
  3. Shawn isn’t a raw recruit just getting going though. Look at the top QBs in CFB right now and many of them are underclassman. We just played back-to-back sophomores QBs who played great games with no turnovers (4 and 12ish starts). QBs come into college today FAR more prepared than in years past with camps, 7-on-7, and the advancement of high school offenses. QBs don’t need to be 5th year seniors anymore to be successful like they did 30 years ago—and a quick looks at the past Heisman QBs will illustrate that shift.

    Shawn is a coaches kid and has spent two full spring and fall practices at TCU. He played in several games last year and even started one on the road. He has plenty of experience not to make the terrible mistakes he’s made the last two games. I don’t think anyone is asking him to carry the team, but his mistakes have cost us the last two games and it’s not wrong to point that out. He is our guy and has a ton of talent but he has to take care of the ball better or all the talent in the world won’t matter.

    TCU is a top tier program right now. Other top programs don’t give up seasons to allow their QBs to develop. We shouldn’t either. I hope he turns it around as he seems like a great guy and has a lot of upside, but I’m surprised Gary has given him such a long leash so far.
  4. SR will be fine. Growing pains. I wish we had run the ball after he hit the long pass in 3rd qtr instead of exposing him with a risky throw. He will learn to read defenses and the D will not be put in a bad position so much. The team and QB mgt by Sonny will improve.
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  5. Your expectation of where Shawn should be developmentally on his timeline seems unrealistic. The last 2 QBs he has played against have MORE experience. One made several starts last year and had way more PT than Shawn, all while making several horrible mistakes that cost his team games. He appears to be a better QB this year because of that experience. The other QB is older than Shawn and has been in college longer. Not to mention is loaded with talent around him, as are probably many of the other underclassman QBs you are probably referencing.

    Nobody is saying let’s wait until Shawn is a 5th year senior, then he’ll be good. I think his ceiling is very high and I think he’ll be great well before then. But keep perspective, he is a true sophomore who just made his 4th start as the full time QB. Anyone that saw the one full game he played in last year could see some of the warning signs of his vulnerabilities (ball protection, decision making). We all got caught up drinking the koolaid this offseason thinking all that would be fixed in one offseason. Those things get fixed with coaching but more importantly they get fixed with repetition in live games. What I saw yesterday was a kid that sometimes tried to make plays that he probably made in HS and he is quickly figuring out the margin for error is much slimmer (his fumble comes to mind).

    I always thought Shawn would experience growing pains in his first several games, maybe his whole first season. Especially with replacing 4 Olineman and really having no safety net possession receiver that our last 2 QBs had (Docston and Diarse). He has his work cut out for him, but he’s going to get better and I think we’ll see it as this year goes on.
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  6. How are my expectations unrealistic? I would be perfectly happy with average QB play right now with 1 turnover a game from that position. If that were the case I think we are 4-0 and ranked in the top 10 (possibly Top 5). I think that is where a lot of the board frustration comes from knowing it is that close because there is a lot of talent on this team.

    Personally I think those expectations are very realistic and would bet you SR himself and the coaches expect a lot more from that position than I do.
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  7. And I'm DRUNK!

    (kidding, kinda)
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  8. Could we find a picture of GP lighting up SR like the one of him in AD's face?
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  9. he’s pushing to immediately make up for his past mistake and has to settle down and play the game. Forcing things when he doesn’t need it but his want to win and succeed makes it hard
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  10. Interesting that the pic of GP and Andy was 2010 vs. SMU -- Andy's senior year. I remember the Ponies made it a tough game for a while.

    edit -- according to this summary, Andy threw interceptions on two consecutive passes, then rebounded: http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=302672567
  11. I’m a SR fan and I think he’s going to have a great career at TCU. The development issues most disappointing to me isn’t his struggles reading defenses or getting used to the speed of the game. I expect that out of a young starter. What very difficult to swallow are some of the bad turnovers he’s making. Awareness of protecting the ball is QB 101.
  12. I don’t understand how a guy with his history at the position, a coach for a father and our coaching staff- that has been in our program for well over 1.5 years - has as bad if footwork as SR and throws of his back foot almost all the time

    He went from over throwing everyone in game 1 to throwing it behind everyone Saturday

    The defensive player on the pass to Turpin was literally 5 yards behind him

    You can’t make that throw or the corner fade off your back foot and I rewatched the game - he is always throwing off it, especially when he is in the run
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  13. Have YET to see GP light up SR like he did w/AD....
  14. Which throw to Turpin?
  15. A new OL is also hurting our cause. Few holes for the running backs on Saturday. That puts the passing game at risk.
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  16. Can we get some of the water from Lubbock and start giving it to every young quarterback we have? Forget growing up the quarterback, every true freshman quarterback Texas Tech plays is instantly good. Baker Mayfield, Davis Webb, Patrick Mahomes, and now Alan Bowman.

    I don’t know what Kingsbury and his staff are doing with their young quarterbacks, but it’s working. Their quarterbacks don’t need multiple years of development.
  17. It's impressive what they've been able to get out of that position relative to other programs. One thing they don't seem to care about or put much emphasis on though is their QBs ability to run. Mayfield and Mahomes were elusive in the pocket but every one of those guys is more a pure passer than a runner. I don't know, I'd say they are probably more committed and sure as to what system they want to run, and everything kind of feeds off of that.

    I thought they were going to be awful this year. I guess they still may, but it looks like I was wrong.
  18. Maybe, in the age of social media and hurt feelings, coaches can't do that anymore (referring to Ryann's picture of GP all up in Andy's grill). In the meantime, SR may need the Andy treatment of sitting a series after turnovers. I still think he'll be a very good QB when it finally "clicks" for him.
  19. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Here is where each Big 12 QB ranks nationally in Yds/Att after Week 4. <a href="https://t.co/UohBxgNxfz">pic.twitter.com/UohBxgNxfz</a></p>&mdash; Matt Jennings (@MattAJennings) <a href="">September 24, 2018</a></blockquote>
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  20. curious why is it so important for so many to see gary chewing robinson's ass after the turnovers.

    do you think gary doesn't care, do you think just because it worked for andy it will work on shawn, do you think shawn doesn't realize interceptions are bad?
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