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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 30, 2019.


Will Gary make OC changes this spring?

  1. Fire Offensive Staff and make great hires

    26 vote(s)
  2. Demote Cumbie and hire an OC for play calling

    52 vote(s)
  3. No changes and we suffer another year

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  1. We wasted a spot on him. There were far better grad transfers than him available.
  2. Who was the realistic grad transfer that wanted to come to TCU that we could have taken instead and won more games because of it?
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  3. The QB in University Park says hi.
  4. Cumbie has been here for 8 years - if he can’t affect change in our staff and find players so he isn’t “forced” to use a qb he didn’t want - then he should be fired for that alone

    stop acting like this year was his first year here or the first we struggled
  5. He wasn’t coming to TCU and UT would have never agreed to that anyway

    Buechele wasn’t a grad transfer - he is a RS junior so UT would have had to agree to an intra-conference transfer and he would have had to sit this year
  6. I’m not sure if perhaps your private jet is also a time machine but Cumbie has only been here since 2014 (or end of 2013, can’t recall exactly when he was hired)
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    Go after with some money Kirk Ciarrocca OC/QBs from the University of Minnesota. He has over 25 years of coaching.

    Steal a Clemson OC or staff like Cam Aiken

    I would say UCF OC but that is Jeff Lebby who I can't believe has a job in college football. But dang UCF offense is really good. Seems he has the Briles touch or is it the head coach that is the real reason their offense is great?

    Zak Hill, OC and QB coach for Boise State - I love Boise State coaching tree. They know football.

    Which brings me to Kellen Moore who might be looking...

    Will Hall - OC and TE coach for Tulane

    Jake Moreland - OC/Offensive Line for Western Michigan

    Kevin Johns - OC/QBs for University of Memphis

    Chad Morris - incredible Texas recruiter. Really good OC. Has game calling experience and head coach experience. However, I'm guessing he will be the next UTSA HC unless TCU gives him and his staff some money.

    Kalen Deboer Indiana OC...Very talented

    Grant Chesnut - Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Kennesaw State

    Brad Glen- Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Georgia State - I like this guy... his QBs have been awesome. His starting quarterback has averaged over 2,400 yards passing and more than 600 yards rushing almost every year.

    Rob Sale - Lousiana Rajin Cajuns OC/OL coach.

    Mike Bobo - HC of CSU. Probably will be out but was a heck of an OC with lots of experience.

    Graham Harrell- I don't like him. Same old same old with Texas Tech offense that everyone knows how to defend in the Big 12 and at SMU.

    Derek Dooley - offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach - tremendous energy, knowledge and experience. Could be a great person to either take the OC or to even be a co-OC option with Cumbie. Another guy to help grow up Cumbie as an offensive coordinator. I think Derek would be perfect. NFL experience, University of Tennessee, and Missouri. Has football in his blood coaching family. Has worked with Saban and knows how to compete against tough teams in the NFL and SEC. He knows Dallas. I think he could be the perfect fit.

    The search doesnt have to lock you with College coaches there are some great coaches in the NFL or high school too TCU should be looking at.

    I expect nothing to happen till after early signing period (unless the new coach can flip or bring in some talent to sign early to TCU. But I expect it's too quick and they will wait).
  8. Am I the only one here that would rather find a Chip Kelly Oregon style OC over an Air Raid?

    With Duggan’s speed it seems like an up tempo RPO offense to set up the play action later in the game is the way to go.
  9. Pretty sure he was a grad transfer. I remember him taking summer classes so he could graduate and play this year.
  10. 7th in the Big12, 8th in scoring.
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  11. Agree. Brought in for the Air raid and now forced onto a ball possession offense whose sole purpose is to run clock and keep the defense off the field.
    If Cumbie is fired then the next OC needs to be a clock eating machine. Win by one.
  12. You are correct - interesting that he graduated in 3 years from UT while playing - must be a start kid and hard working

    Still pretty sure Buechele was never coming to TCU but evidently I don’t know the reason
  13. plus the possibility he entered texas with a semester or more of college credit from taking dual credit or advanced placement classes
  14. You talking about GP or SC?
  15. He was a grad transfer, but the Big 12 still requires grad transfer to sit out a year unless waived by the university. That was what the whole Austin Kendall to WVU thing was over. OU wasn’t originally going to let him play but took lots of heat due to fact that they just added Hurts and weren’t going to let him play. K State kindly agree to let Delton come to TCU. Both guys ended up being not being good at all.
  16. Yes you still need permission for intra-conference. Kendall turned out to be horribad so now we know why OU didn’t put up much of a fight once they got some heat. Still can’t figure out how they whiffed on him so bad. Small, slow, and weak-armed does not fit the profile for OU recruiting.
  17. 82 frog are you just wishful thinking or do really know something? I would love if this would come true.
  18. Why do we want Kellen Moore? The Cowboys offense is underachieving. If he can't score big with Dak/Zeke/Amari and that OL, then how is he is going to do here with our guys?
  19. His style of offense would work well in the big 12. I think the reason his offense is not killing it like it was is because his head coach is conservative and probably told him what to run and what not to run. Probably a lot like Cumbie and Coach P the more I think about it.
  20. I count six years. He's been OC by himself for 3. He did not get to choose his offensive coaches because Patterson chose them for him. Patterson also chose Delton. Do you not understand that?

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