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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 30, 2019.


Will Gary make OC changes this spring?

  1. Fire Offensive Staff and make great hires

    26 vote(s)
  2. Demote Cumbie and hire an OC for play calling

    52 vote(s)
  3. No changes and we suffer another year

    37 vote(s)
  1. If GMFP is true to form he won't fire Cumbie. However, if he is in a 2013 state of mind, like he should be we'll have a new OC by spring practice. He needs to clean house and that is not an easy task. But if anyone can do it, in GMFP I trust!

    However, always good for a poll.
  2. He’ll do something less than demoting Cumbie but more than no changes at all.
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  3. If you’re Cumbie, do you take a demotion? Sounds like a resume killer to me. That’s why Meacham left, right?
    I think Cumbie should resign today. And if he doesn’t, he should be given a chance to resign. And if it doesn’t happen by EOB Monday, then thanks, sorry, see ya.
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  4. Yeah, that's pretty solidly in the manage him out route. I think if given the chance he should take on the QB coach role, but he'd need a solid OC to take orders from, someone who could develop him (and help him develop players). That sounds like too much of a build job when what we need a complete overhaul IMO. So he just needs to go, he already looks disgruntle to me.
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  5. He’s killed his own resume.
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  6. No way Cumbie takes a demotion. He could get an OC job at a G5 easily if it came to it. Maybe even a P5 team.
  7. I can’t think of one P5 team that could justify hiring him. G5..... sure, but he’d be taking a pay cut. Guess it depends on what motivates him.
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  8. So a P5 qb coach makes more than a G5 OC? I would like to see sources. If Cumbie gets demoted he can't keep the same pay. Either way he isn't take a demotion here.
  9. Maybe he gets a G5 job, maybe not. I can't imagine who the P5 coach would be that is going to tell his AD and boosters "I've found the answer to our offensive issues and that is to hire Sonny Cumbie."
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  11. He was one of the hottest assets in college football for a period of time. He could easily get a g5 job despite his current success and I believe there are lower P5 that would consider him also. I know we hate him around here but terrible coaches get jobs all the time
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  12. we don't need young and up and coming. The Gary Patterson coaches camp needs to come to an end. We are a P5 school. We need to put up the money and bring in assistants who have proven themselves as more than a flash in the pan.
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  13. He was a hot commodity when he was Co-OC with Meacham. Who has tried to hire him away since he became the sole OC? I do agree that bad coaches get hired though and all it takes is one guy but I think it's far more likely he has to go the route of being an assistant or analyst somewhere to get his career back on track. And, I do think it's very possible that he is a guy who, if given the opportunity somewhere, might be a better HC than OC.
  14. Was not at all suggesting this move, just thought it was an interesting article.

    It will be interesting in the future to look back at this list and see who made it to the highest level.
  15. One of the most inaccurate narratives thrown around by this fan base is that Cumbie came here as an up and comer...He had zero skins on the wall as a coach. ZERO. He got the job due to his association with the Air Raid and in tandem with Meachum..Meachum was the guy with a few skins on the wall..I think you can find an up and comer with a hell of a lot more skins on the wall than Cumbie..In fact, there’s a whole slew of them out there. OCs at Boise and Tulane are great examples of guys who have been calling plays and pay their dues for a while. Both would be major upgrades over Cumbie.

    Zak Hill is my guy...Eastern Washington Coordinator for 7 years where they broke a ton of passing records. Heads to Boise and has been calling plays there for the last 3 years. He’s the guy..
  16. For what?

    there is only 1 or 2 guys on that list that are even an OC at a G5 now and basically all of them have less than 3 yrs of experience coaching, most were GAs 2 yr ago and several have no actual coaching experience

    If we are going to go flat out crazy and hire people with a 1 year track record in their current job- then at least hire a HC from a lower tier school that was super strong that year

    prefer an OC with 5+ yrs of success in his current type of role at least looking to step up from G5 to P5 - Boise, Georgia State, App St
  17. Is anyone wishing we could switch places with Baylor right now?

    Yeah, maybe Waco is light on the Pappadeux, and the Brazos river isn't exactly Lake Tahoe, and Green and Yellow suck, and the entire sanctimonious atmosphere is over the top.

    But at least Baylor knows how to run a clean program and win games.
  18. Personally from what we know about GP in the past is he will do poll answer b. He will hire a new coordinator and demote Cumbie. Most likely Cumbie is demoted to QB coach. He needs to clean house and we need some new innovative coaches.
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  19. I would take the Texas guy. We need someone who knows Texas recruiting.
  20. Good post Purple IMO. Personally I like the younger set, kinda like Joe Brady at LSU, 29 yrs. old when he decided to leave the Saints - turns out it was a brilliant move for Brady and LSU, not for the Saints who were paying him $200K. Innovative with a lot of energy - immediately had Burrow and receivers throwing all summer - every day, working on routes and timing. Seems like it worked.

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