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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 30, 2019.


Will Gary make OC changes this spring?

  1. Fire Offensive Staff and make great hires

    26 vote(s)
  2. Demote Cumbie and hire an OC for play calling

    52 vote(s)
  3. No changes and we suffer another year

    37 vote(s)
  1. It’s Mike Schultz’s combo offense.
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  2. Great way to learn at least.
  3. I’d rather have someone learn from the NFL or Big 12. Maybe there’s an NFL assistant who wants to try his hand at college game (Jon Kitna?). Problem is you’d have to wait a month for him.
  4. I agree

    I was just pointing out that much like our DC is not really calling our defense, a lot of OCs are not really calling the offense because their head coach is the offensive leader

    really common in G5 schools where the staff is younger and paid less overall
  5. In a month you might get his boss

    or his boss’ boss
  6. Secret discussions are beginning to take shape with Kellen Moore in anticipation of his availability.
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  7. How does one find coaches?
  8. LinkedIn or Coaches R Us if you prefer brick and mortar coach shopping. The Coach Outlet at Grapevine Mills has last season’s coaches
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  9. Does Glasgow have play-calling responsibility for any of the defense? I know Bumpas used to call the DL while GP called the back side.

  10. How about Graham Harrell. He was the OC at North Texas the last couple of years until this season. He called all of the offense and North Texas was doing great until he went to USC. Now USC is coming back, would be a nice upgrade from what we have now.
  11. why would he leave USC to come here for the same position? Not gonna happen unless the head coach is fired. He has WAY more talent there, especially at WR then we do. He has a better situation there then he would here with a grumpy conservative head coach who will throw him under the buss.
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  12. Frog fan wet dream
  13. As a Texas/DFW native I can give you ONE giant reason..... because it’s home. Would that be enough??????
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  14. Don’t he and Sonny have a relationship being former Tech QBs? Doubt he’d work for a guy who just fired his friend.
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    How about in addition to what Moose pointed out he does well here and he could have a built-in P5 coaching job? While not a certainty, there is a better than average chance his HC does get fired so he'll probably want to work somewhere. If he would prefer Texas, that leaves TCU and UT who should be in the market for an OC this year. I know it has been pointed out that he has some relationship with Cumbie and GP has hurt Cumbie's feelings and such but it sure seems like a conversation worth having.
  16. The USC coach will get fired
  17. I fully expect the candidate pool to be less populated than it could be because of the way this program has been run on the asst coach ledger. Not implying zero interest. Just less than it could be and maybe far less than it could be if the “buddies” aren’t let go.
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  18. Although cumbie needs to go, it appeared that he had to work with coaches that he probably would not have chosen himself. Plus, he had to use a quarterback that he probably did not want to use with Delton. If you're going to hire a good OC you have to let him make the changes necessary. Interview the current position coaches and keep or release those that don't fit your system. Cumbie was having to play behind the 8-ball.
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  19. Truth be known, yep.
  20. I don’t get the constant mention of Delton as a reason for our struggles. How many games did he cost us this year? Anyone who says something other than zero is making a massive reach IMO.

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