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GP 19-22 in Big 12 without Meachum

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Smooth42, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. When GP does not allow a Good OC to run the offense, independently, Patterson teams will always hang around average to below average. When he turns the keys over to a Good OC and stays out of it, TCU can be exceptional.

    With Meachum, and more importantly, GP removed from the offensive side, TCU is 19-8 in BIG 12. These are just the facts.

    He could not control Meachum and basically fired him. He can control Cumbie and this is the product we have.

    This is not Rocket Science.

    Until GP stays out of the offensive play calling all together and lets an OC do his job we will always be mediocre. It's what the stats show.

    GP is his own worst enemy on this issue. Just wish someone would tell him to give up the reigns on offense and get us back to what made us great again!
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  2. Did Meacham’s receivers lead the country in dropped passes?

    Cumbies playcalling hasn’t been perfect but there’s been plenty of open guys. The WRs just won’t catch in traffic.
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  3. Meacham was also the WR coach.
  4. I thought he was the OL coach?
  5. I know the players thought Meacham was more of a players coach vs more of a authority type figure coach.

    Meacham had good sideline presence keeping the offensive players cool, calm, and collected.

    Now another factor was that you had Boykin who could have been a starting NFL quarterback if he didn't wreck his life and then you had the ultimate bailout with Doctson to throw to. Those two factors have been missing since 2015.
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  6. that was anderson. you should have gotten that from your videos on pass protection
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  7. What is Meachum's record in the Big 12 without GP?
  8. What is GP’s record without Boykin/Doctson?
  9. This is the real key. The most successful coaches have great players. I don't think we're maximizing the current talent but it's also hard to argue that we've got as many good football players as we did in 14 and 15.

    Of course that all comes back to the coaching staff too. I think Max will be terrific but he would be the first successful QB we've actually signed out of HS since Boykin.
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  10. Some of you have way too fond of memories of Meacham. I'm all on board with him being hired as some sort of analyst/support, but in no way do I want him as OC again.
  11. I'm sure all or most of the people clamoring for him now also wanted his head on a spike in 2016.
  12. Point of the post was not that we need Meachum back. Was that GP has to get out of the way of the OC. He will not allow his OC to call plays that are too risky and put GPs defense at risk. He is his own worst enemy. Cumbie has to be more conservative to appease GP. GP really does hate taking risks on the offensive side of the ball. Sometimes you have to trick things up and mix it around, a little mis direction. GP hates that brand of offense. Meanwhile, Lincoln Riley is tricking it up all the time. The mis-direction is required to keep defenses on their toes in today's game.

    GP involved in Offense = mediocrity for TCU teams.

    Remember when Fuentes ran the offense....
  13. So we're just working off the assumption that every single successful offensive season is a direct result of GP allowing the OC to do their thing and every single unsuccessful season is a direct result of GP being overly involved?

    And we know what Gary's exact level of involvement is week by week and year by year, how?
  14. I am ambivalent to Meachum for the most part...I just don't like his offense. Even with the numbers it put up I thought it had major flaws. We saw what happened in 2016 without future NFL players at QB and WR. It wasn't any better then this years offense. Not very efficient. Outside of Leach himself, nobody is really effectively running any form of hyper speed spread. Even the Briles thing has played itself out. Look at Tulsa and Florida St. for proof. Neither is winning games. Offensive football is about efficiency and execution. Those are the like calorie counting to lose weight....Methodology is important but whatever you do it had better be consistently good.
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  15. Meacham no thank you! Plenty of great minds to help TCU.

    How about
    Zak Hill, OC and QB coach for Boise State
    Will Hall - OC and TE coach for Tulane
    Jake Moreland - OC/Offensive Line for Western Michigan
    Kevin Johns - OC/QBs for University of Memphis
    Or someone else...

    I don't know. Seems like we need few new assistant coaches or analysts on both offense and defense and special teams.
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  16. For Western Michigan and Memphis the head coach is the playcaller and de facto OC.

    Tulane was running option when Fritz first got there. Don’t know how it is now.

    Same with Boise. Idk how much Harsin has ceded playcalling.
  17. Kalen Deboer Indiana OC...Very talented.

    I'm not hopeful that we actually make a change but if we do, really don't want us to bring another guy in here that's been a QB coach only. I want a guy who has called plays..
  18. Those are hard numbers to ignore.
  19. No, not as much. But I think he helped coach rcvrs. Regardless, they were being coached when he was here.
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  20. GP stuck his nose in the offense slot in 2016.

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