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Good grief! It's starting again...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frogo, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. That's about the time I check out on college football and college sports in general.
  2. Just bad writers trying to drive traffic.
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  3. OU and UT like being the big brands around here. Makes them feel good. Don’t figure they want to share that spotlight with the likes of Mich and Buckey. Much less spend half their season playing up north in snow.
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  4. Agree..... have no interest in a college football setup that is basically NFL lite. There’s a tipping point somewhere where the fans of the 50 schools that are getting scheissed all bail and the money dries up.
  5. Yep. College Football is special because of traditions and rivalries.
  6. So NOT Rutgers/UT? Have fun playing baseball in that league Horns.
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  7. Expect a Startlegram article citing this tweet and a named source - “BTM”
  8. Maryland/UT is shaping up to be quite the annual battle.
  9. This is written by a guy who is about as accurate as the National Enquirer.
  10. ...with a headline that it is all TCU’s fault...
    BEAT cal!
    Spit Blood ~~<~and scheiss baylor!!
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  11. I thought for sure Baylor would be in that mix....no?
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  12. Big 12 GOR ends in 2025 and the Big 10 media ends in 2022--so OU is going to sign a short term GOR to what date? I doubt this at all. This is just a article to appease the big 10 folks to feel good after being left out of the CFP once again and the big 10 is going to do something about it.
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  13. "Texas and OU looking to bolt the Big 12 for this conference, and you won't believe how TCU is at fault!"

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  14. We go through this EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It's just white noise to me at this point.
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  15. Thanks, Bob.
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  16. Luckily both states won’t let that happen without including other state schools that aren’t as “ special” in their eyes.
  17. Or there could be a challenge of the GOR, or some sort of a a buyout.

    That said, I do agree that this is just noise in response to the Big Ten getting left out for the second year in a row. See also their discussion on changing their CCG criteria to match the two best teams rather than the division champs.
  18. I had heard that one thing UT liked about Del Conte was his experience at navigating a school to new conferences. He took us from CUSA to the MWC to the B12
  19. Generally, the freak out factor from the other conferences is way way less when they miss the playoffs than it is when the Big 12 does.

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