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Good grief! It's starting again...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frogo, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Navigating UT to a new conference:

    at the 1:24 mark
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  2. I believe all of this is just the BIG10 sending out "feelers" to see where goes from there. I also think this where the BIG 12 needs to also be sending out "feelers" of their own to a few of PAC12 schools to see if there might be any interes with the PAC12 Network possibly ending.
  3. Big Ten, no way will UT want to position themselves to play that B10 power Maryland on a regular basis after their repeated upchucks to the Terps!
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  4. Big 10 is just mad that the Big 12 got a spot over them for the 2nd year in a row, and instead of pushing for an 8 team playoff, want to absorb the competition.
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  5. I could be mistaken but I think Del Conte just took us from the Mountain
    West to Big XII with a brief stint in the Big East.
  6. Most would tend to agree with you. But if there's one thing we know about the Big 12, it's that we are not proactive about anything.
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  7. Correct. We were already in the MWC when Del Conte arrived.
  8. DelConte arrived about a month before the Rose Bowl game. Exquisite timing.
  9. UT headed to the WAC?

    Come on Muck, there's your scoop.
  10. Headline is way too specific for FWST. You have to get them to click to find out who the subject is. You obviously are old school.
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  11. UT saw that Northwestern won the B1G West and thought that should be easy to do every year. They would only have to play Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State or Penn State once or twice each decade. How do you think Nebraska would vote on UT joining the West and playing them yearly?
  12. How about "B1G really wanted TCU, but instead blue blood teams wreck Big 12"?
  13. Baylor to Conf USA.
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  14. Nebraska would secede from the union.
  15. Think he got here earlier because I think he was in Omaha too.
  16. He came to TCU in the middle of the Fiesta Bowl season.
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  17. I’m not counting on CDC to worry one iota about TCU 5-6 years from now.
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  18. Pleeeeease let the GOR go to court. A dozen lawyers, maybe more, would retire off those billable hours.
  19. *5-6 seconds from now, IMO
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  20. Big 12 has the best high school football recruiting in the nation.

    Stupid not to target Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri.

    ATM will never come back and will only play ut again if ESPN deiclares it from on high.

    That should be CDC's plan to improve ut football.

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