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Gameday Thread: UAPB vs TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Even their band is kicking our ass
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  2. Well, their band just mercy ruled us. That was an ass kicking.
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  3. Just because it’s worth saying: the sky isn’t falling. We haven’t looked very good but a game like this has almost no bearing on how good we will play the rest of the season. We might be terrible and we might be great, but we aren’t going to find out by watching us play UAPB.
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  4. well we lost halftime convincingly
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  5. Has our band started playing yet? I cant hear them
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  6. Cumbie plan: do 10 dumbass screen plays for a loss then throw deep, repeat
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  7. How is it possible to twirl fire and still get torched by the opposing band?
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  8. We need to hand it to duggan. It will be what it will be.
  9. I want to see what Collins and JR has too. But none of it matters if Cumbie cant call games.
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  10. Looking good..

    oh, and darn SR

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  11. I don’t. Duggan is gonna be the starter before the midpoint of the season IMO and he’s the guy moving forward. He’s gonna be really good.
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  12. Did we want Mizzou to win? I sure don’t.
  13. No, we want Wyoming to win.
  14. Okay, we’re back for the second half.
  15. I think we’ve already scored one more point than my prediction so it’s all gravy for me from this point on
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  16. This is a very optimistic and balanced perspective but to say there aren’t some things we can glean from watching this offensively embarrassing crap show simply isn’t true. We see a team that once again is poorly executing the most basic plays in the playbook..We are also seeing a very poorly called game by one of the most mediocre OCs in FBS
  17. That ex-North Dakota coach can coach.
  18. Kickoff 15:00 3Q TCU will receive

    Anderson back deep

    Short kick, upman gets it and fumbles it out of bounds. TCU ball at the 26
  19. 1st and 10

    Delton in.

    Keeps it and he is OFF TO THE RACES!!! All the way to the APB 19
  20. 1st and 10

    Handoff to Anderson, bounces outside and goes for 2 yards

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