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GameDay Thread: TCU at West Virginia

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NathanRoman, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Time to rake leaves! Go Frogs!!
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  2. Fumble, to allow a touchdown drive... yeah.
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  3. Sorry Savion.
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  4. LB on their top WR. Nothing better.

    Done w Gary.
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  5. This is ignorant.
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  6. GP is the ST coach
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  7. Why not Savion? He’s good enough to return kicks, but not punts.

    Another questionable decision by this staff. Add it to the [ profanity ] list.
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  8. That timeout might have been a good opportunity to remind a kid not to try something bold, we have a ballgame, take the fair catch.
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  9. Well, at least we can continue to save money on bowls games. I’m not sure we go to one for a while! Nor do we deserve to.
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    Ain't nothing going to change.
    CGP had his guys and they are like Supreme Court Justices - lifetime appointments.
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  11. That would require a bit of coaching of the special teams. We don’t do that. We spend all our time coaching defense and offense. Oh wait...
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  12. Painful to watch. Obvious why Chris Thomsen left.
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  13. Even if he called for a fair catch, he didn't catch it.
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  14. I hate sucking this much my family keeps asking why didn’t I go to a great football school.
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  15. Lol!
  16. Our down fall started with the cheeze it bowl... That performance, minus the win, sums up the current TCU program. Poorly coached, error prone, and no offense.
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  17. His good friend at a major program gave him a raise and a promotion?
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  18. Every other teams offense does things in the passing game that look so easy

    Every single yard we get throwing the ball feels like such a scheissing struggle
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  19. We missed a big play evans open deep!

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