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GameDay Thread: TCU at West Virginia

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NathanRoman, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Where we going?
  2. Barber wide open! Geez!
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  3. What the Hell on that pass?
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  4. Field goal frogs 17 to 6 WVU
  5. Watching our offense reminds me of The Best of Times.
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  6. Duggan has been over throwing all day
  7. This offense is snakebit
  8. Duggan buggin there.
  9. Nice job max. Good QBing
  10. Fixed it
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  11. This is embarrassing (not just the score, but rather our demeanor and behavior).
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  12. i would point to what he has done in games, but that is like me telling you what alaska looks like first hand

    never seen either
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  13. Holy crap we moved it when we went fast. Go fast for the love of the statue of Gary.
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  14. I'm so glad I skipped the trip to Morgantown this year. Thanks, Rona for sparing me from this miserable spectacle!
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  15. That is probably game. We had a chance to get back into it. But WVU probably scores here to seal it.
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  16. Maybe our OC’s aren’t the problem
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  17. When we get a td and 2 point conversion we are only down 3! Defense needs 3 and out offense is confident until red zone anyway. We have to score from way out or we can’t.

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