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Gameday Thread: KState vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Why even bother.
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  2. The day the defense shows up, the offense doesn’t. Duggan back to being 2 ft high on all his throws as well
  3. A new low. Congratulations, Sonny, Meach and Anderson!
  4. I mean, the guy could barely move. Downing shouldn't have been passing, but you couldn't keep Duggan in there at that point.
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  5. Third straight year Patterson is putting a bad product on the field. We get pushed around at home. Cant win back to back games. The O-line is horrible. Play calling is a mess because GP brings in air raid guys and wont let them really run their system. He has kept dead weight on his staff for way too long. Everybody knows JA is an awful o line coach, yet he cant see it?

    Over 5 million a year and all we get is a crappy music download.
  6. Oh, I'd love nothing more than to call GP out and get his neck up.
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  7. Defense played like crap when it counted, Offense was crap as well and the special teams were crap as well. Coaches jumped in coached like crap as well. Well done.
  8. Good news...we only lost by 1 score. I’m looking for moral victories because I am tired of rooting for this team and all they do is lose. Make a change Patterson! Do something that helps the players for a change!!
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  9. JA got our qb beat up. Patterson kept that dude on staff.
  10. What a tall hot mug of diarrhea.
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  11. Duggan had had the crap beaten out of him. Stupid playcalling and a total lack of awareness on the part of the Offensive staff left our QB out to be a tackling dummy.
  12. Those lauding the D should remember who we were playing and know that KSU wasn’t going to try anything at all unless they had to. And they didn’t have to. If a kid doesn’t fall down untouched we’re talking about not making a crucial stop. The D played okay and better than the offense but that’s a very low bar.
  13. Agreed there. Duggan is gonna be in traction by the end of the year at this rate.
  14. Its a scheissing shame that our best offensive play is Max running for his scheissing life. Somebody needs to give Gary a scheissing wake up call. We're not in the Mountain West or C-USA anymore.
  15. The defense played well enough to win. Outside of that, losing to a solid team hasn't left me feeling this empty in a long time. I don't know who we are. We have the same inconsistencies that we did last year. We even had the chance to secure a bowl game last year, at home, on senior day, and laid an egg, and that team had 5-6 NFL calibre players. So I just don't know what to make of the PROGRAM right now.
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  16. Honestly, what the hell is Sunday Film Study like? What do they discuss whilst looking at the blunders, ineffective formations and schemes, lack of field and time awareness?

    The K-State skinned these fools. Skinned.
  17. Not while he is on. But he needs to answe for sucking for a 3rd straight year.
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  18. Rough loss. So many things not working well today. TOO many missed opportunities.

    I hope Max doesn’t need to go to the emergency room now.
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  19. They didn’t have to try and do anything because the offense sucks so bad. I get it, the defense ain’t good, but good god almighty I seriously can’t take any more of this offense. It’s unwatchable. I’m losing interest in TCU football because of it.
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