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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Misi starting - wasn’t he listed at like 3rd string?
  2. TE was wide open but Purdy never looked that way.
  3. but Anderson is a good coach...
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  4. Duggan in the huddle on the sideline getting people pumped up
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  5. Purdy is very hateable.
  6. They were appropriately socially distanced from the kick. Nobody touched it.
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  7. Cooper out. Misi was his backup.
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  8. I thought OL was fine outside of the miscommunication on that sack play, which you’ve got to expect from a line breaking in multiple new starters. Run blocking was pretty solid
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  9. “Gotta bring your own juice!”

    ~Pandemic quotes.
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  10. One series and here we are. Gotta love it.
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  11. What did he do? He hasn’t been in my Top 100 Hateable’s but willing to reconsider
  12. Barlow in the backfield

    1st and 10, handoff to Barlow, shakes off one defender and picks up 4
  13. 2nd and 6

    Downing completes a long pass to the sideline for a first down at the TCU 40
  14. Also, excellent defensive series. Love how much movement Gary is using in the secondary to confuse Purdy.
  15. 1st and 10

    Sweep to Barber, Barlow couldn’t quite take out his guy and a gain of 4
  16. Avila is definitely struggling with the bose guard without help.
  17. 2nd and 6

    Handoff to Barlow, makes a nice cut and picks up the first down... Flag, Barlow loses his helmet on the tackle,
  18. Flag picked up... crowd wants an ISU penalty.
  19. Really love how Barlow runs
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  20. They picked up that face mask flag. [ What the heck? ].

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