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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Do we have any formation that leaves someone in the backfield to help on the coverage. That’s a coaching issue, isn’t it. We aren’t good enough to otherwise stop the rush.
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  2. Move your damn feet! Who the F is coaching these guys. 3 Frikkin lineman all day and they have 5 sacks. Might as well just go to 3 lineman and play a 7 man football attack.
  3. I'm an optimist, but.....
  4. Why isn’t Wes Harris sliding over to help? We should have two double teams every single snap
  6. We punted!
  7. Imagine what Iowa State could do to us with a four-man rush?
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  8. Come on OL. We need you to block better.
  9. Because he's limited?
  10. they have about 5 sacks and they are not rushing it much.

    this O line is just bad.
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  11. Don’t let Anderson on the bus. Leave him in the tarmac.
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  12. at least teach the offensive line to hold properly

    austin looked like a frog de trying to tackle on that sack
  13. Come on, we need a real coach.
    -O line
  14. Again, I'm an optimist but if you start to connect the dots from a loss today, to another down season, to a coaching staff that appears to be getting stale..... I'm not gonna say that isn't something that pops into my head.
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  15. LG, C, RG, and RT are major weaknesses too. And the person assigned to coach them appears to be a weakness.
  16. We need to run a center and the rest skill players and force them to figure out who’s eligible
  17. 1st and 10 ISU

    Handoff up the middle for a short gain
  18. games so bad people think we are on the road.

    yeah, that's a coaching issue.
  19. We need another TO to get back in this
  20. Statue talk at the break

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