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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. horrible blocking.
  2. You know RTDB means use the RBs

    3rd and 9

    Fires it high on a crossing route incomplete.
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  3. think frogs are leading in time of possession

    sure cohen will send out a tweet soon
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  4. I guess Max needed the 1st half to fully recover.

    smh. This coaching staff is all over the place
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  5. Are the QBs the best RBs?
  6. Somehow Duggan is worse
  7. Sometimes you aren’t optimally equipped to coach certain types of players.
  8. Who would have thought after that first half that a QB keeper off the tackle might get snuffed?
  9. 4th and 9 punt by Sandy... HIGH, fair catch made at the ISU 28
  10. good thing we did not play smu
  11. we basically ran a goal line offense at our own 20. yikes.
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  12. Kill is a difference maker. No question.
  13. I would've given Downing rhe first series. He's already lathered up and preheated. ijs
  14. Perhaps we should hand the ball to Barlow, Foster or Evans.
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  15. Oh, well. It was a fun season...
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  16. Before we get to the 4th quarter we need to “discover” that some of the players tested positive at the half and this game needs to be cancelled.
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  17. Love how they’ve given up on trying to get the student section to socially distance
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  18. This might get ugly. Hope I'm wrong
  19. Hello!!!

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