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FWST: You Are Not Going to Believe What Elite Coach is Calling it Quits and Why TCU is to Blame

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Duuuuuuude. Seriously?
  2. You changed again?
  3. This will be a nice vacation for him before he takes over at USC in 2020.
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  4. You must be triggered today. It was hilarious.
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  6. I am really really bad at getting jokes sometimes. My excuse was I was looking at it real quick and it is the ST after all.

    Nicely played.
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  7. Scientists in Cambridge?
  8. Social media and talk show hosts. Seriously.
  9. What killed "real" journalism? My guess is general abhorrence of reading comprehension and the average American attention span of 8 seconds.
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  10. Urban Meyer was a head coach for Ohio state in the 2010s. You won't believe what he looks like now!
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  11. Urban Meyer lied his ass off, but he didn't cover up what was in the background of this picture.
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  12. The Startle-Spam is firmly convinced that Satan resides, in all manner of evil, at 2800 S. University Drive.
  13. Lots of criticism of the FWST. Maybe I'm missing it, but can someone link to the FWST showing the headline? OP was just a tweet, not from FWST and said nothing of the sort, and can't find it on the FWST's website.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. A lot of people in this thread...

  16. OK that was kind of my thought, but everyone responding seriously made me think I was looking in the wrong place.
  17. obviously urban upon reading where pat sullivan refused to recruit drew brees to run the option at tcu decided there was no hope for college football and shaken in his belief in the ability to mold young men's lives walked away from it all after receiving bill snyder last hand written note as coach at kstate which simply read

    "die urban you rat faced [ "illegitimate Baylor boy" ]"

  18. Oh man... the second time killed me! Haven’t laughed that hard at some people in a while.
  19. Can't see the picture!
  20. Okay, gotta admit it, upon reading the thread "headline" I was ready to stick more pins into the Muck Voodoo Doll, but then it dawned on me I'd been "Onionated." WTG, Peacefrog, you delivered a great spoof because it's so doggone believable.
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