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FWST: You Are Not Going to Believe What Elite Coach is Calling it Quits and Why TCU is to Blame

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Done prior to the season starting is my bet.
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  2. The ST clickbait headlines are getting ridiculous.
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  3. Good riddance.
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  4. Journalism is dead, and you won’t believe what killed it!
  5. Why is TCU to blame?
  6. Next:
    "The top 10 reasons journalism is dead."
    "You won't believe how this small company is killing a 10 million dollar industry."
  7. OK, where's the slide show which takes a minute to load each slide and in which the "next" button is cleverly hidden among a dozen other buttons which are links to ads?
  8. Tarrant County residents are getting a break on their insurance.
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  9. “Read today’s news with this one weird trick”

  10. I don't see what TCU has to do with it. A deal was struck back before the season began, and now that the season is over all that was agreed to is coming to pass. The future will likely consist of us having to look at ESPN's new analyst, Urban Meyer, every night of the week starting next July.

    What I find funny is that the entire matter was pushed down the Memory Hole and never mentioned as soon as he returned to the sidelines. Hmmm...
  11. He’s making fun of S-T’s click-baiting headline tendencies.
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  12. Gender assumer.
  13. I bet Muck wrote this article! lol
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  14. We’re about to play Berkeley. I probably need to work on being more careful about that.
  15. Y'all must be new here. Welcome.
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  16. Maybe the dumbest headline I've ever seen.
  17. I'm guessing TCU. Last month it was discovered, by the Star Telegram, that we also killed Kennedy......
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