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FWST: TCU basketball to make its debut on ESPN+ as it takes on Oklahoma on Saturday

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. KTCU 88.7 FM / KLIF 570 AM - Brian Estridge and John Denton. 10x's better coverage, free if have an audio device, can multitask (if your into multitasking). There I saved everyone 168/yr.
  2. Does Disney+ have Slam Bang Theatre?
  3. Turns out I have ESPN+ maybe it’s part of the old ESPN insider thing I used to have?
  4. Perhaps you should cancel your pronhub premium account for a couple months.
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  5. I'm out...will track on Score app I guess.
  6. Guess I’ll check box score later
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    Are we the only Power 5 conference with basketball games on ESPN+ ?

    Is this how fans of Incarnate Word feel?
  8. I’m with ya Jake. I pay for like 4 ESPN channels. If our game is on some other ESPN channel that I need to pay extra for I’ll just check the final when it’s over.
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  9. As originally described, this seemed like a positive to get more coverage for sports like baseball but somewhere along the way, it has changed to include games like this for basketball and, if I understand correctly, even some conference football. So, not a positive. Out of sight, out of mind. I guess ESPN threw in a couple extra dollars for the deal but seems shortsighted to allow your big ticket mainstream sports to get shoved off into streaming land.
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  10. Correct, old ESPN Insider converted over to also include ESPN+.
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  11. Just looked on the game cast...pretty cool to not have a FT miss this late in the half
  12. NM...that miss is on me
  13. This team is not worth $5.40 a month.
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  14. Bought the Disney plus bundle last night figuring things were going that direction in general with the cord cutting and I have little girls. Was a little bit of a pain trying to get everything set up on my pre-2016 tv but got the FireStick working and logged in on all the appropriate apps. Even went and hard-wired the tv so I don’t have to mess with spotty wireless issues. Price is reasonable but I understand the frustration of using 5 different streaming services.
  15. Brady Manek always turns into Larry Bird Jr. against us.
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  16. Will baseball also be on ESPN+?
  17. Did you also attempt a 3?
  18. I don't know how these subscription services work and whether or not they have advertising on them, but if I was going to subscribe to one, there had better not be any advertising on it, otherwise they don't need to be charging subscription fees.
  19. Right now only the OK State series is scheduled to be on ESPN+. Who knows if they'll add more.

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