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FWST: TCU basketball to make its debut on ESPN+ as it takes on Oklahoma on Saturday

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. When does Dixon’s contract run through? I’m standing by my thoughts when Skip asked. He’s not the right coach for us.
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  2. Tell me who we can legitimately replace him with and I’ll listen to that argument.
  3. WV cut it to 6 but quickly back to 14.
  4. I’ll take the homeless guy at the corner or 75 and Royal Lane in Dallas.

    Seriously, I’d like to find out. I don’t think Dixon is the answer. His best teams were with Trent’s kids.
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  5. While that may be true, ALL of Dixon's teams have been better than ALL of Trent's teams so...
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  6. Question about ESPN+ and frogs hoops: Is it now the case all ESPN games will be on +, or will there still be a rotation of some games among ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU?
  7. We have never won on ESPN+
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  9. There are 19 players on the roster, Jaime uses 9, so my question is: are there any of the 10 left who can contribute next year?
  10. Is ESPN+ the equivalent of an 11am kickoff??? I'm watching replay now on ESPN+. ESPN+ must be where all ESPN JV announcers work. These guys are horrible.
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    We all knew before the season began (except maybe Skip) that we were not going to be any good this year but hey, we come out and win the first 3. DEFENSE, win on rebounding, 80% free throw shooting, and win on turnovers, gives us a chance in every game - don't believe it, ask Beard about it.

    We don't want to win bad enough (players). Defense, rebounding, turnovers, and free throw shooting is about wanting to do it as a PASSION and pride. We will be at Tech Tuesday and they will show us how to do those 3 things.
  12. Wow, two total blowouts in row, Hopefully, there is light at the end of this tunnel.
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  13. *Tech will be here Tuesday.
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  14. Guys just pay attention to the whole country. Nobody is good. We are 3-2 in conference and again , I think it will come together.

    We expected a down year . Gotta stay strong . Wvu got creamed today by a team we beat .

    Stuff happens. Our home games are important and we know that but man I hate this reactionary fanbase. No perspective.

    Oklahoma has our # tho. Like we have Iowa States.
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  15. I’m worried about Tuesday night. Is Bobby night still the coach?
  16. Hopefully it's not the headlamp of an oncoming train.
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  17. More of a donation than a subscription.
    BTW... whipped any Ghost Riders lately?
  18. This team is soft, don’t have any dogs on the roster. Our best player always finds a way to be absent when we need him most. We have a very good low post player who was a good 5 inches taller then anyone guarding him but we had 25% three point shooters shooting 3s all game. Some of that goes on the coaching.
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    francis, i appreciate what you bring to the forum and your positive attitude, but i really have to disagree with you on a couple of things here.

    first and foremost i really don't care that "Nobody is good" in the whole country when i look at what has happened the last two games for the frogs and this isn't an all boats are lifted and lowered by the same tide situation.

    there are some common problems, but there are some that are directly tied to the tcu program. if the frogs can't run an effective half court offense and we see the very same breakdowns we saw last year and the year before that isn't because roy williams says his unc team doesn't have the talent to compete.

    i am not asking for dixon to be fired and no one start with the defense of dixon and the program by asking who could do better because the point is moot. if i name someone there is nothing i can do to prove they could do what dixon has done in ft worth anymore than anyone could provide proof another coach couldn't do better than dixon.

    additionally, yes, this roster has flipped over, but it isn't because of a large graduating class last year or 3-4 freshman turned pro. basically the frogs had 3 straight recruiting classes that went bust for whatever reason and if our overly reactive, irrational fan base wants to be frustrated that after dixon's time in ft worth the frogs are starting over exactly where are they lacking perspective?

    those weren't trent's recruits who left, flaked out, go hurt, or couldn't play and last time i checked the classes we are talking about included scholarship players and not all walk ons so their is nothing wrong with being frustrated with the head coach and staff who brought those 3 classes to ft worth.

    finally, the frogs did a very good job in their first three games running their half court offense, moving the ball and it showed not just in the 3 wins, but how they won those games. look at the ratio of turnovers to assits as well as assists to baskets made.

    unfortunately, we saw regression today as no one is going to confuse the sooner's defensively with west virginia. tcu had 11 assists to 8 turnovers and 11 assists to 23 field goals. the frogs aren't winning with those ratios.

    even worse were 36 3's taken compared to 25 inside the arc especially when you compared the number made for each type of shot. i might be lacking perspective, but the only thing missing from today's game was jd miller being quoted after the game that the frogs shot alot of 3's because that is their offense.

    sorry, but there is no way the frogs should have shot that many 3's to inside the arc and there is no damn way dennis should have shot 11 3's and samuel only got 9 shots inside.

    the frogs 3 wins in conference are against teams with a combined record of 2-13. those 3 teams have a combined negative point differential of over 120 points.

    not ready to throw the towel in on this tcu team, but if they don't change some behaviors on the offensive end soon (with tech coming to town on tuesday) i might be over reacting and way off in my perspective, but dropping the next 4 games if possible and i am not sure this team is mentally strong enough to do that and recover.
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