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  1. Wow...Very telling stat...
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  2. Makes me sad to say this but he needs to be encouraged to retire. Don’t want to fire they guy. Patterson and I are the same age and it’s hard to admit it’s time to retire. I came to that conclusion a few months back and will do so next year. I hope he bows out gracefully. He brought us out of the wilderness and he is always appreciated by me for hisTCU accomplishments.
  3. Im well aware of the record but think he’s earned a swan song spin through the B12. But, if he can’t make that decision for himself, than someone should give him the ultimatum and help him understand that he can take it or get fired
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  4. Take down the statue or retire.
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  5. Good with that if this is the song
  6. Communist
  7. Feel like he's working on his third year of a swan song.

    I can't say enough about what he has done.

    Its just been blatantly obvious for almost 3 years its time to go big game hunting and vacation in Hawaii.
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  8. 10 Possibilities (would take Fleck, Campbell, Klieman today):

    1. Klieman: would be great but just got extended. Likely won’t leave.

    2. Campbell: probably not coming.

    3. Josh Heupel: very much a possibility. Would need a strong DC:

    4. Luke Fickell: interesting, would need staff with TX recruiting chops

    5. Dykes: safe pick but has not consistently won. Like him though.

    6. Blake Anderson: has been a winner.

    7. Bryan Harsin: money talks but not sure he’ll leave Boise.

    8. PJ Fleck: I’d take him in a heartbeat, would bring energy and a different approach. Would need to show him the money.

    9. Fuente: his star has lost some shine but ran a good offensive system. Like him.

    10. Seth Littrell: has fallen on hard times but was a hot commodity not long ago.
  9. That damn statue was the kiss of death. If GP has a superstitious bone in his body, I bet he hates it too.
  10. I hate the statue as much or more than anyone but just as disturbing to me was GP’s repeated contention that it would take five years to build the depth necessary to win in the Big12. To me that was an appalling verbal foundation of excuses over results. That attitude was the beginning of the end for me and my confidence in GP as a head coach in the Big12.
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  11. I am in home country due to COVID but will hopefully return to second home (Texas) for last semester. I follow sports and news in United States.

    I like Gary hope he is still coaching when I get back. Dump the trump though. His approval rating far lower than coach.
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  12. this is the worst of steel's fake accounts
  13. If there's no improvement next year then he needs to gracefully retire in a few years. Please no political banter on here.
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  14. a few years? hell no, a few more years of this is going to bury this program
  15. Try reading that out loud and see how it sounds.
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  16. Not Steel. A Tech or Baylor fan.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Didn’t he win a B12 championship?
  19. Yes and that amplifies my point.
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  20. 100%
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