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  1. here are the conference records since joining the big 12

    2012 4-5
    2013 2-7
    2014 8-1
    2015 7-2

    2016 4-5
    2017 7-2
    2018 4-5
    2019 3-6
    2020 1-3

    overall 40-36 with three winning conference seasons.

    since 2016 19-21 and they will need to go 4-1 in their remaining conference games to avoid a 6th losing conference season
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  2. Trend for last three years is no good. Let’s hope JD sees this kind of data.
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  3. And they pay GP that much money?!
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  4. Walking from the rose bowl team iirc. I haven’t been around the boards for years like many here
  5. It's been time for years now...
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  6. Stay wherever you are.
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  7. Couple stats. TCU is 10/10 in penalties per game in our conference, but it gets much worse. We’re 96th nationally in FBS for penalties per game. This is NOT a hallmark of a well coached team.

    Now defense. TCU is dead last in allowing long plays from the line of scrimmage of 30+, 40+, 50+, 70+, & 80 plus.

    We’ve let 17 plays go >30 yards (10/10 B12, 92nd in FBS). Big 12 ranked 6-9 at this stat have 2 things in common. They are tied in 11 plays >30 yards AND they have all played 5 games, instead of TCU’s 4.

    We also have the worst rush defense in the B12 in terms of Yards Per Attempt at 5.2 yards average. That’s 86th in FBS.

    Rattler had 13 completions for 332 yards on Saturday!

    I will be the first to say that the offense has been stagnant since the 2018 season, but the dumb penalties and horrific defense are new for us.

    It is certainly possible that we’ve just played the best 4 teams in the conference. Gary wins out and it’s time to pump the brakes on firing him, but if these things don’t improve significantly over the next few weeks, Donati is going to have to man up and force some changes.
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  9. Socialists/Communists dont need MBA’s, be careful what you wish for.
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  11. "It's just a few plays that beat us"

    uh ... yeah, Gary.
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  12. Chris Klieman and Matt Campbell aren't going to go to TCU, people need to get a grip. Maybe they will interview to leverage a raise out of it like Patterson used to do when other schools wanted to talk to him.

    Every coaching hire is a crap shoot and *if* Patterson retires there's a good chance TCU will botch his replacement (I still think he should retire). Remember, K-State basically had hired Seth Littrell but he walked because he wasn't given full control of staff. Klieman was the backup plan, and K-State fans were pissed. Basically, they lucked into a much better hire than the one they wanted. There are a million examples of this, coaching hires are a crap shoot 99% of the time (not when Alabama hired Saban or tOSU hired Meyer, but TCU isn't remotely in that situation).
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  13. I know its not the exact same situation but Texas ran Mack out of there and look what has happened since, both with Texas and where he ended up. This isn't to say that Texas would have thrived had he stayed but if its time for Gary to go, a big if for me, then they need to have a solid plan B. I agree the buck stops with the head coach but in my uneducated opinion the coaching staff should be looked at first and maybe that ultimatum to Gary of if you don't make those changes we will would work. Who knows. Extremely frustrating couple of years when we appeared to have some talent on paper.
  14. Big difference in that Texas was still consistently winning 8-9 games each year. TCU and GP are producing losing seasons year over year..
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  15. Mack left in 2013 Horns then went 6-6 in 2014, 5-7 in 2015, 5-7 in 2016 and 6-6 in 2017. That's what I am talking about. Don't get me wrong, changes need to be made and I personally feel its on the offensive side of the field.
  16. Misunderstood that.. I was stating it’s apple to oranges reasoning for a coaching change.
    Agree something needs to be done, particularly with the Offense.. Still a shame our Defense is nothing to hold your hat on like it once was.
  17. Gary has done a ton for the program and the University. No denying it. He has a statue to prove it. But he is not bigger than the program or the University. No one person is. We do not 'owe' him one thing. We do not 'owe' him more time. We do not 'owe' him the ability to retire when he sees fit or to 'not get fired'. He is a TCU employee like everyone else. He has been paid multi, multi millions for his service. He is compensated in full.

    His teams (for whatever reason, doesn't matter), no longer perform up to expectations and it is time for a change. His record proves it, and that is the only stat that matters. 3 winning conference records out of the last 9 (assuming that this year stays the course). As they say, Winning isn't everything, it is the ONLY thing.

    Do you really think Bob Stoops 'retired voluntarily' from OU? Or behind closed doors was told 'we can do this two ways'.....c'mon. Bob was smart. He was slipping/getting older. The program was beginning to slip. So he retired a multi multi millionaire OU legend, left the place better than he found it...and is STILL paid handsomely for it through endorsements. He'll never pay for dinner/car/drink/movie ticket in Oklahoma as long as he lives.

    It is very simple. If we have a true AD (which remains to be seen) - the decision won't really be up to JD, it will be up to Gary when posed with his two options. Change staff or retire/get fired. Staying the course, based on history, shows more and more losing seasons coming.

    Love Gary...simply time for a change.
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  18. So we're leading the league in something? Cool
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  19. Mediocrity? We need to win four of these last five to have any claim of mediocrity.
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