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  1. And his cronies.... absolutely mediocrity.
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  2. Screw you, troll. Piss off and die.
  3. 7 million for an under .500 season. Screw you clown
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  4. You’re as incompetent as the coaching staff
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  5. Nice one bud!
  6. Haven't posted in years and I remember the days when we were terrible, but I don't want to go back to that. I have to agree, it's time. He deserves this season after all he's done for TCU elevating our program beyond what most of us older than 30 thought was even possible, but if he doesn't step down (and I hope he will), then something has to be done. It's ridiculous to be looking at 7 wins or less 4 of the last 5 years.
  7. Saying fire him is a pissed reaction but he needs to walk...it’s time
  8. He doesn’t need to be fired he needs to be encouraged to retire.
  9. Hell, I’d kill for 7 wins.
  10. This year, me too. Probably looking at a 3 win season.
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  11. Kansas? Not sure that's a lock...
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  12. Should have happened three years ago with a transition plan. The writing wasn’t on the wall...it was on the wall, the floor, the ceiling and written in flashing neon.
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  13. Exactly
  14. Gary, thanks for everything but it is time that you think about stepping aside and handing the reigns over to some new blood.
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    5 straight home losses and 7 straight to OU. Haven’t scored 40+ in a non-kansas conference game since 2017....
  16. I'm pessimistic about your optimism....
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  17. If he will [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] can the offensive problem staff and bring im a DC that is really there to manage, he should get another chance. If not, well then he is asking for it.
  18. Ouch.

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