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  1. Trailing 24 against a mediocre OU team without their best player.

    Zero creativity on offense beyond the pick and roll.

    Yes this deserves its own thread and yes fire him now.

    We used to be dead last in conference... should we be eternally happy with now only finishing 9th?

    we can do better and I’m not sure JD wants to be here anyway.
  2. Yeah it's time to move on. It's usually a strange/not great move when you cite legal language to keep a wealthy person at a job they don't actually need.
  3. I’m not one to call for someone else’s job, but this [ #2020 ] sucks to watch.
  4. Gotta agree because you can’t fire the players. Embarrassing effort. Quit. Coach has to go and start over. And the VB coach should be just minutes behind him. Zero reason TCU shouldn’t be VERY good in volleyball.
  5. I’m sure there are a million reasons why he will be just fine with flying himself home tonight
  6. Yup... basketball conference requires TCU get a basketball coach.

    The part that gets me is how well he gets paid, it's his alma mater, good city, and in a region with plenty of recruits. Why doesn't he try harder? I know he is from California, but that's what the off season is for. Go out there on the weekends, you have the money to travel.
  7. If this team is not significantly better next year I think we move on. Covid has given below average coaches an out. JD does not have the balls to make the move anyway. TCU scheissed up by not letting him go a few years back.
  8. Unfortunately, I think we already know the routine for this year. He will get a free pass.
    Anyone on staff ready to be the next HC?
  9. Dixon needs to find another young coach who knows offense. In a game like this, when even our radio guys are talking about lack of effort, he needs to move down the bench until he finds guys who want to play. If that means going all the down to the walkons, so be it. 2 years running with no true point is also inexcusable.
  10. At least let him get a good breakfast in first. Maybe some pumpkin pancakes.
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  11. I'm totally on board with parting ways ASAP.
  12. Sure do act like they don't wanna play or even be there.
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  13. That's a fireable offense in and of it's own.
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    I cant stomach another season and a half of this. How many 20+ point blowout losses do we need to see?
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  15. Too painful to watch!
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  16. Asshoe
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  17. Frogs gonna lose by 35 to a mediocre OU squad

    edit: 36
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  18. I’ll be shocked if Dixon has totally lost this team. Guess miles will be transferring soon
  19. Not looking good. Dixon needs to update his CV.
  20. I completely agree, but we don't have a AD that will do anything. Even if Donati were to pull the plug, can we honestly trust him to make the right hire? We are stuck with incompetence within the athletic department.
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