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  1. Iowa State is having a terrible season in basketball. Folks here in Iowa are disappointed but still excited about the success of the football team.
  2. Agree with most of what you have said. But the TCU job isn't any harder than the baylor job before Drew got there. Now they are talked about in final four terms.

    Tech had a little bit more of a basketball pedigree than the frogs before Beard but certainly they were no blue blood program.

    TCU can and should be a consistent tourny team. All it takes in this league is a 7th place finish every year.

    Night and day difference between the teams we have seen pre Hawaii trip and post Hawaii trip (and the Pat Sullivan-esque ucla flirtation). I don't know what changed but it was clearly a watershed event in JD's tenure.

    We are now treated to more basketball talent than we have ever had giving sloppy, lazy, without a clue performances at a disturbing rate.

    Anyone know how many more years are on JD's contract?
  4. Rifle. We're a rifle school.
  5. If I remember correctly, JD has 2, maybe 3 years left on his contract. To me, that's too long. That's why I asked earlier if there was possibly anyone already on his staff that was HC ready? Just curious.
  6. One time a former pitt player came out and said players on his and howland’s teams shaved points at one point or another. Sometimes I see some of these inexplicable turnovers and wonder....I kid ..but not really.
    Anyhoo, letting go now after making him stay a year ago would be idiotic on the university. If money was the issue then it still is now. I like souleymane doumbia coming in. Samuel should stay. Not sure about Nembhard.
    But something needs to be figured out fast. That OSU victory looks alot better now though.
  7. It took baylor quite a long time. Longer than 5 years I think.
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  8. Win totals in Drew's first seven years were 8, 9, 4, 15, 21, 24, 28.

    The "4" is a little misleading because that was the year they couldn't play OOC games I believe. Only played 17 games. He took over about the biggest mess imaginable and made steady improvement, and now look at them. At a school with below average facilities, in a [ #2020 ]ty town, and with virtually no basketball history.
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  9. Forgive me for not knowing exactly but where is dixon in comparison so far?
  10. Trending down.

    Didn’t mean to sound condescending, but people want to see well coached basketball and we haven’t for a long time. Just seems to be getting worse, not better.
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  11. If you were alluding to the trend sure. But I am just saying immediately after dixon came here our win totals skyrocketed(relatively speaking). I agree. We’ve had some bad luck. Apparently health/practice issues are bigger this year than even I knew, though.
  12. Unless something changes within the administration we are stuck with Jamie for another year. I hope the guys rally around each other and play for themselves. The OU roster is what we should have in that their system is a lot like ours but Kruger knows how to adjust to what his opponent is doing.
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  13. I would roll the dice on Ryan Miller. We have to play faster on offense!
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  14. The thing that worries me the most is that this is the same team we lost to by 4 points a month ago.

    Have we regressed that much in a month?

    20210113_021525.jpg 20210113_021436.jpg

    Has Jamie lost the team at this point or is there any kind of way that they bounce back from these 3 blowouts?
  15. It is starting to look like it. I could stomach all of the game. It was terrible like you all mentioned. The glaring problem that I see is there is no offensive plan of the team. It looks like just bring the ball up and see what happens. Guys are cutting into the same space, hard to find an open shot, and yes we need a true point guard. One that can penetrate and dish it others for scoring opportunities. The PG doesn't need to score 15 every night but would provide opportunities for Samuel. That was some of the greatness of the teams we had earlier with Dixon and kicking it out for open shots and getting the ball to Vlad and allowing him to score. You can't run this NBA type of offense with these guys. Obviously, it does not work.
  16. Contract ends in 2024
  17. He couldn’t be any worse in the interim
  18. Those were all Trent Johnson's guys except for Bane. Oh, to have Vlad and Williams back.
  19. Yes they were, but Johnson did not get the most out of them. That was obvious with the teams production. Maybe JD is bringing in the wrong crop of guys. Obviously with so many leaving we are not running something great.
  20. People were praising Donati last year for legally forcing him to stay. I argued at length with friends how that was a mistake. Dixon is an LA guy and has said his whole life his dream was to coach at UCLA the team he grew up loving. He finally got the offer in the twilight of his career and TCU crushed his dreams. We should have done a gentlemanly negotiation and let him leave. He’s gravy training us now.
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