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East side addition

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Tumbleweed, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Photos, commentary on status?
    Remember when we had regular info?
  2. They have posted pictures on Twitter. One was even posted today.
  3. They’ve got A LOT of work to do before next fall.

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  4. Maybe once season tickets are done, they’ll announce we are playing the first half of the season at Wilkerson Grimes
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  5. Sweet! We’ll finally sell out a game.
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  6. Hey Bob, the name is Greines.
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  7. It rained for like 6 straight weeks this fall. I believe I understood they’d hoped to make up about 2 of those up by the end of this month.

    Will need a lot to go better than “on time” to get it done before the first game.
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  8. I’ve heard the construction - at least on suites - will likely not be complete until SMU
  9. I could see that. Club might behind too on finish out. End of May will give a better indicator of where they are at pertaining to completion of the project.
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  10. I know Earl sold his grindering business and retired, but maybe TCU could get him to come out of retirement to help speed up construction after so much time was lost to the rains last year.
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  11. Thanks Dan

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  12. It is going very well. .
    new ACS.jpg
  13. Seating 250,000 in air conditioned and alchohol fueled comfort.
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  14. Do construction companies just plan on no rain whatsoever during the time that they are building something when creating a timeline for completion? Seems like every major construction project gets delayed because of weather, as if extended periods of rain are something that no one around here could ever see coming at any time during the year.
  15. Not well enough. That scoreboard is supposed to be much larger by now.
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  16. Seems like it for sure...As a guy who spent 15 years as a PM for large construction, the problem is usually with the subs who remobilize to other projects. You have to get their ass back onsite..
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  17. you people are so hard to please!
    new ACS.jpg
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  18. Yuge!
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  19. FIFY

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