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DMN: Patterson says he’s to blame for 37-34 loss against Iowa State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. DMN: Patterson says he’s to blame for 37-34 loss against Iowa State

    Here are the highlights from TCU’s postgame press conferences following their 37-34 loss against Iowa State:

    Head Coach Gary Patterson
    On the quarterback decision

    “The offense talked and they just felt like they wanted to switch. I thought Max (Duggan) started slow and just got better as he went on. We needed a guy who could scramble and run.”

    On Saturday being the first game

    “We don’t make excuses. Obviously, we would have been better on both sides of the ball because you know what you have. Today we didn’t have it and we had to play better. ... There is only one guy to blame, I am supposed to be the guy to get them ready and today I didn’t do that.”

    On TCU making the game close

    “We came to play. You have to play to win. That’s what they did when I came here 23 years ago. You have to get ready for the games you are supposed to win, let the big games play themselves out. For two years in a row, Iowa State has had our number. We have to do a lot better job against a lot more physical teams.”

    Read more at https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/t...-blame-for-the-37-34-loss-against-iowa-state/
  2. No [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] sherlock. You are to blame. So what now?
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  3. A realistic, impartial evaluation of position coaches might be

    worthy of consideration.
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  4. While I obviously agree with the sentiment, what else is he supposed to say in a press conference?

    People get pissed at Gary when he doesn't take total responsibility. Then when he does take responsibility this is the response.
  5. They want him to admit he started the wrong guy or tell us why our best players were not on the field.
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  6. I think they wanted to reward Downing for all he did to get them here...... just waited a couple series too long before bringing in Duggan.
  7. Boy I sure hope this isn’t correct.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Delton 2.0
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  10. "We have one of the best running back groups in the Country..."

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  11. There are other theories out there that would make much more sense than this.

    I have no idea what's actually true.
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  12. Ok, well he's not ever going to do that. And if he did then people would just [ hundin] about something else.

    Bottom line, when you lose then nothing you say is going to be met with applause.
  13. So, Max was suspended? Max was not suspended? Max got caught in traffic while picking up pregame donuts?
  14. I believe it was the donuts. It's always the donuts.
  15. we don't have to know the why's of the decisions, but i do think what most alums/ supporters would like to see is that decisions with some logic that has this team headed in the direction needed to compete

    if max was suspended, that is an internal matter and we don't need to know the why, the team does, and they know players are held accountable

    if max didn't that raises an issue, similar to how in the world some receivers got rotated in an others sat, or some players returned kick offs and looked like they were jogging while a punt returner for example looked dangerous, or the decision to go away from the run game etc...

    guess in the end we have heard the "its my fault speech before" and it start to ring hollow when we get a 2016 reboot

    this week is big not in do the frogs win or not, but do we try the same things again this week that we struggled with last week instead of playing to strengths, if we see an emphasis on the scheme instead of maximizing players and match ups
  16. truth is max was caught eating pumpkin pancakes as his pregame meal and they had to wait until that crap got out of his system
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  17. Downing is about 100x better than Delton throwing the ball. Faint praise but there it is
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  18. Not just from last week to this, but falling back into the same miserable rut we were in for the last two seasons in terms of scheme, preparation, and execution.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, and there were hopeful signs on Saturday, but there were a lot of worrisome tendencies that I had hoped we'd seen the last of.
  19. Hope it was at least Shipley's
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  20. The big issue is not why the decisions were made, it's that they keep making the same decisions over and over the past few seasons.
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