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DMN: Patterson says he’s to blame for 37-34 loss against Iowa State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. So, basically the same as the last 2 years. If the defense is "complicated" and keeps being an issue, make a frickin change in scheme.

    “I just think we have to play better as a defense. It really came down to five plays and those five plays really hurt us. It all really comes down to execution. We really hurt ourselves with those five plays which is why the score went up on us.”

    “At the end of the day, it comes down to one simple thing, which is execution. Like I said, we all have to play better, we all have to tackle better. It’s the first game, I’m not letting anything go, but we definitely need to play better and come tomorrow ready to work and ready to get better. Get better at the little things like tackling, execution, playing our defense how it’s supposed to be played. Those little things are going to take us a long way. When you see the breakdown of those plays and you see what happened and went wrong and you see what you can get better at moving forward.”
  2. As Patterson says they are paper tigers until they prove it.
  3. Somewhere, John McKay is smiling...
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  4. what we saw in a limited glimpse from the young backs they might have deserved a longer look, but we opted to run the offense through downing instead of the run game
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  5. Duggan sitting was team rules going back to Summer.
  6. People keep saying that he was suspended, or reports say he was suspended. Is there anything that has been confirmed?
    All players knew the rules were gonna be tight this year if they wanted to play. The whole "bubble" can't be broken thing has really gone primary.
    I just figure he did not play the first half because Downing had had more reps.
  7. Keep in mind, had Duggan started, it sure seems like we would have had a quicker start and a win.

    Still can't make excuses for the O-line. Did GP even address that in the post game?
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  8. And one of the worst OL.

    for the best running back group we have ever had, we sure did average 2.3 ypc.
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  9. the four backs actually combined had 16 carries for 77 yards which works out to 4.8 ypc
  10. Oh it absolutely rings hollow after a while. I'm not denying that. There's just not anything he can do in a press conference to actually fix anything so I don't really give a scheiss what he says or doesn't say.
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  11. What 8 said above. I will add that run blocking is different from pass blocking, and I think the confidence building that comes from lineman knocking their opponent on their ass play after play helps. Run plays allow bigger lineman to dole out the whacks.

    Again, perhaps one player is better than another in run vs. pass. I don't know.
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  12. "Once they grow up"

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  13. scheiss pumpkin flavored donuts. Damn it, Max.

    Edit. Damn it, eight
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  14. Meacham will go to his grave defending the scheme. He's a true believer IMO. Not as sure about Cumbie. Unfortunately that stuff isn't innovative anymore, it's old and stale. But since it involves lots of passing most people don't see it that way.
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  15. there is plenty of room on the pumpkin flavored hate train
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  16. When it is done right, it works. In that respect, it really is about execution. LSU can attest to that after Saturday.
    Granted, we do something a little different. I actually liked the offensive scheme we used Saturday. In the second half when they executed it quicker, it moved.
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  17. Here is an answer, at the end of the day it is the coaches responsibility to manage his team. Sometimes people throw a summer party and you have a covid outbreak that lead to consequences medical and disciplinary. Sometimes young kids partake in things that might not yet be legal. Is it the coaches fault for not having control or the kids fault for being selfish and immature. We could win or we could teach both lessons
  18. what is interesting is the pirate goes to miss st, brings in a transfer qb from stanford who isn't running his offense, has personnel who weren't running his offense last year, not sure if they went through spring, and somehow the players know the offense well know and execute it properly enough to drop 600+ yards and i think 42 points on lsu.
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  19. While not as impressive a performance Duggan still managed to get 3 tds in just a half, imagine it he'd played the whole game.
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  20. There is rumor that this went back to an incident in June. College kids being college kids, except having Covid going on.
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