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Disappointed in Gary

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. I personally think we have seen the pinnacle of the Patterson era already.
  2. I hear ya on that last point. I always wonder, with all the pre-snap reads that defenses make, why the offense doesn’t huddle up, break quickly into position, and then run plays on a relatively quick count before the defense has a chance to really call a set. That would frustrate the hell out of GP if offenses did it to us, I know that.

    As it stands, the offense and defense kind of stand and look at each other for 10 seconds before the play getting instructions from the sideline. I don’t know who has the advantage. And if we aren’t going to audible anyway it makes no sense to let the defense settle in before the snap.
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  3. This is a Big 12 team in DFW with the 3rd largest resources in the league and proven track record of having offensive success and putting guys in the NFL and former OCs HC opportunities.

    there is no shortage of people who would want this job.

    but I think GP is more comfortable with a grizzlieD vet than an up and comer. That is a double edged sword as the new LSU passing game coordinator is showing. Young kid from the saints blowing it up.

    Cumbie isn’t the best but he is scoring enough for the defense to be able to win the game. They just needed to hold SMU to 37 or less. That shouldn’t be too much to ask.
  4. Yeah, but your making too much sense and none of our ideas will probably be implemented. Kinda depressing if you look at what we've done over the last 15 games - it ain't purty. 38 points beats SMU 99 out of a 100 times.

    I've mentioned Joe Brady before at LSU. Since he has come on in the Spring from the Saints, LSU has gone crazy. Burrow already had 4 TD passes before the half as he laid 66 on Vandy.
  5. Like any o;' gunslinger, GP will have to make some adjustments to his staff/scheme. He is not Bum Phillips who will line up in the I formation and hand it to big Earl 25-30 times even if he knows his OL cannot block Mean Joe Green and Jack Lambert and company. Does anyone else remember the Ken "Snake" Stabler New Orleans' team? Jesus, that was a joke. I don't expect that here in FW.

    My concern is GP's erratic timeline/focus/public analysis this year with the offensive strategy/play calling/QB. If we continue to struggle and he gets more and more frustrated, then what? Do we have an in-season plan to fix it? Making the OC talk to the media is not fixing the problem. It makes it worse and public.

    Or, worst-case scenario, what if GP says the hell with this and retires. Do we have any confidence in SC as the next coach or another plan? We need our young AD Donati to calm the waters and then we need to beat the hell outta Kansas.
  6. Bring Meach back as assistant head coach/OC.
  7. I agree with you Wes, that GP threw Cumbie under the bus. However, I don’t think that will deter future candidates. GP demands a lot of his coaches and is hard to please, but he is loyal. He doesn’t discard assistants and make them scapegoats like a lot of HC’s at Big School U’s.

    My guess for yesterday’s actions is that Cumbie decided to do his own thing and ignore some requests by GP, so GP decided, ok big guy you go talk to the media.
  8. All this stuff about getting Meach or someone new now, is nonsense. One loss and some of you guys throw out the OC with the bath water is ridiculous. You have a true Fr QB and OC can still put up 38 points. GP gave up 41. Just maybe GP misbehaved this weekend. I know he is bigger than this.

    Lets cool down and see what happens this weekend. The Sky Is Not Falling... yet.
  9. I bet Joe Brady lasts 1 year at LSU and either gets a much better job there, or a coordinator some where else. Ensminger never wanted to be OC anyway. I hope the offense still works the same with different players, aka as Boykin/Doctson then what.........
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  10. It is far more than this game. Can you say what the offensive theme of this team is? Cumbie said it himself, he never got the Qb in a rhythm and pretty much he is like that every game. His play calling is bad, not my words.
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  11. Cumbie should have been fired after last season, especially if there’s this big of an issue between him and GP after three games. Now we have a lame duck coordinator for 9 games.
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    The SMU job opened up, Dykes would of taken the SMU HC regardless being TCU's OC for one year if he had ever been hired.

    Let's calm down and see how this team and coaches respond first.

    But if things continue, Meach is not the answer. He isn't as good as Cumbie, he is the same. We saw further what he was at Kansas. The only thing he has over Cumbie if he coached against SMU is Dykes taught Cumbie most everything before he left for SMU and Meach would have his own air raid system. But Cumbie is one hell of a recruiter and if they do get rid of Cumbie someone like Texas Tech or SMU or OU is going to hire him. Of course though that is what happens when coaches are fired they might not go far.

    I rather see Gary go out like Gundy did and find the best minds out there on O and D and hire them no matter if they are from Princeton or Deleware or Jackson or Wofford or a FBS P5/G5 team, etc.. Just go get some guys they can recruit, gameplan, have creative schemes. and make adjustments on the fly in games.

    Cumbie needs help and so does Gary on the D. Something they can do right now...if things dont change in the next couple of games, is hire some analysts to help game plan on both sides of the ball. But let's see how this team responds first.
  13. I know you are WES and all, but with due respect, give it a rest. You have know idea what is going on between GP and SC behind the scenes. For all you know Sonny asked to go before the press. If Sonny is this thin skinned he's in the wrong profession. GP gives and expects much from players and his coaches. I bet Sonny expects more of himself. As the leader of the this forum, take your own advice and don't speculate about what you don't know
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  14. Good thoughts but we are now 15 games into this mess and nothing has changed. At best, we are a middling POWER 5 team. A few more blunders and we are below 500 ball in conf. We cannot wait tooooo long.

    GP may go outside for offensive/receiver help but defense NO. HE thinks that he wrote the book on it so we can forget him becoming a true head coach and turning his defense over to a real DC.
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  15. why do people keep bringing up this option?

    meacham is an air raid tempo guy. this is what he is and this is what he does.

    no anyone else who is an air raid tempo guy? sonny cumbie

    you have a head coach who doesn't want tempo and wants a run centric offense that will keep his defense off the field as much as put points on the board.

    why would adding another air raid tempo guy give gary the offense he wants for his team?
  16. so fuente got a hc job and then........burns? anderson? meacham? schultze?

    what are the 3rd largest resources you speak of?
  17. It's amazing to me that GP's defense gets absolutely torched all afternoon, with no ability to stop SMU whatsoever, and he walks to the podium and acts like the offense was the only problem we saw. Not only that, I don't care if his defense didn't even allow a point, you are the captain of this ship making 5 million a year, you need to stand up and accept responsibility. His actions saturday were pathetic.

    Never in my life have I seen an organization run like this. GP has lifelong immunity and makes multiple millions per year, but acts like he is only responsible for the defense. Whenever the offense is asked about, his response is "ask sonny" or in this case, just throwing Sonny to the wolves. He won't ever let a coordinator be interviewed when things are going good but he'll leave them on an island to avoid public blame. He asks like every question is beneath him.

    You are responsible for everything that happens with this team. Gary acts like a glorified defensive coordinator and owes Sonny an apology.
  18. very few head coaches these days actually release sizable amounts of control of their side of the ball.
  19. Also, good thing we anointed Ochaun Mathis as the next Khalil Mack all summer long before he ever did a thing. Guy was a terror on saturday. his 0 sacks through 3 games is really impressive.

    Our pass rush was absolutely relentless saturday. We ended up with 1 sack on Buchele, with an impressive 0 coming from a defensive lineman. Gary needs to look in the mirror because his defense was just as responsible for the loss as the offense. God forbid anyone ever ask a tough question of him
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  20. Sorry, but you can't ignore the turnovers and drives that that left out on offense. momentum is a key part in college football. Yeah, team loss, but the offense puts you in a bad situation with a start like that against an offensive team.
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