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Disappointed in Gary

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. I’m sure his action towards Cumbie was born out of frustration by I think he took the low road which is disappointing to me


    GOING BACK TO LAST SEASON WHEN HE PUBLICLY STATED THAT HE TOLD Cumbie to play other qbs and he didn’t
    Then releasing the comment about almost bringing Meacham back hen stating th the was going to get involved in the offense

    none of us knows what elseCumbie has been told and failed to act on. It’s either ego or ignorance that kept him from reading there’s leaves and that drove GP TO the boiling point

    but to stand up before the media and throw Cumbie to the wolves set a bad precedent

    I agree with Gil lebreton that the media is barely allowed to even make eye contact with the coordinators. And I think that is wrong

    it’s his program but there is an easy way to take the cone of silence off those guys and thT to bring them to the Tuesday press conference and let the media have them for 10 minutes. They can be schooled in what to say ant not to say
    It’s clear to me that changes are coming and there could be 2-3 offensive coaches gone. Then again maybe not

    It my fear is that GPS TTEK DOWN THE LOW ROADmay. Cause a few good candidates to think otherwise about coming here, I could see them asking themselves if this would happen to rhem the first time something doesn’t go as planned

    No one on that stFfis above criticism and that includes GP

    To whom much is given much is expected in return. I just expected better of the msn
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  2. "Cause a few good candidates to think otherwise about coming here, I could see them asking themselves if this would happen to rhem the first time something doesn’t go as planned"

    GP better be careful here, you are going down a treacherous path. No good assistant will come here with your attitude on throwing your assistant's under the bus. Kelsey, time for you to step up and have a come to Jesus conversation with your hubby on public relations.

    It's ok to fire the offensive staff after the season but keep your mouth shut publically during the season about your displeasure with your assistants - you hired them, don't forget that.
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  3. I sometimes wonder if he should release some control of the defense and be more of a traditional head coach. Overseeing both offense and defense but letting the coordinators run things and speak to the media. I don’t see how he can run defenses every week while handling head coach responsibilities. I think it’s too much pressure over the long haul and may have played a part in what went down yesterday.
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  4. Been saying this for years. Chad has been with him along time except his 1 yr. disaster at TT. He doesn't have to be like Tom Landry (he didn't even wear a headset) but relinquish some control where you can focus on the WHOLE team functions. He is putting too much pressure on himself and it's showing.
  5. Leaving the Fort this morning at 5:35, I began thinking about the Frogs’ loss. First half, D was pathetic. We were out schemed. Offense, pathetic. Second half, Dline a little better, not much. Offense could not get it done. Overall, D had a grade of D. Offense, C. Good god, it was SMU. Gary, there is a problem. It is your problem. Fix it. Personally, I make a 3.5 hour drive (now 4 with Waco construction) to sit in the sun on the East side for this. For me, it may be better to let the season tickets go. Day games on my side of the field this time of year are a Beothch. For TCU, I am nothing, refer to reseating. For a mediocre product, Home is looking better this time of year. The money I save, I can use to buy a better ticket. Frogs, I love you, but you are killing me. Go Frogs.
  6. All he has to do is walk over to Sonny on the short-yardage (or any situation) and ask, "What is the play call?' He can agree or call timeout and talk about it. That is something that we used to in Powder Puff games in high school. Come on! Is GP getting this senile?
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  7. I just feels like Cumbie is constantly stuck in these “damned if you do, damned if you don’t “ situations. Because he puts himself there. I don’t know how he’s going to break out of it. He seems like he’s good a designing plays but bad at game strategy. It’s very weird.
  8. I definitely think the staff is missing some died in the wool football coaches, especially on the offensive side of the ball. We’ve got a bunch of recruiting specialists. And he’s probably a little insecure to bring in a defensive guy with some different ideas and listen to him.
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  9. I bet Meach would come back in a heartbeat. In a weird way, I feel like this is the way the wind is blowing right now.
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  10. Why hasn't Meach been picked up by another team? Or has he? I really don't know....
  11. I don’t see any evidence that he’s any better at designing plays than any other run of the mill Coordinator. Designing plays is by far the easiest part of the job. Hell, I could probably design some good plays. Countering what the defense is trying to do is the hard part.
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  12. He is the new OC for the St. Louis XFL team.
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  13. I much prefer coordinators to force the defense to do what you want them to do instead of countering their moves. I get the feeling that this is what OU does to us routinely. Of course you have to counter some stuff they want to do but by and large prefer to dictate the pace and design of play from the offensive standpoint. One thing I think is very clear. If we're going to sit back and read and read and read pre-snap and not have the ability or permission to audible, this all becomes irrelevant.
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  14. Had to look it up to make sure you weren't joking. That's really kind of cool.
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  15. Good idea. Just let him worry about the clock, using timeouts at the right time, game strategy, and handling media and PR. All things he is a disaster at. No offense but if GP isn’t running the defense, he doesn’t need to be coaching.
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  16. I'm getting the drift but it would not be a good move in my opinion because he is pure Air Raid and GP wants his defense to get some rest and Meach goes full tempo all the time, mostly a passing game. He didn't do very well at Kansas when he was in charge of the offense.

    Reading the current tea leaves, Sonny is gone after the season and the offensive staff too except Thomsen. A new offensive co is going to want his own staff. Don't see how they would keep Luper too.

    it's somewhat ironic but Dykes could have been offered the offensive co when he was here and at $800K plus, he may have taken it. We would be undefeated and challenge hard for 2nd. place in the Big 12 this year and might win it next year when Hurts is gone.

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
  17. I have intentionally stayed off the game day threads this year because last year's play calling was so pathetic. Certainly not what a power 5 school should retreat to calling .

    I am glad I did.

    This clown show has continued. In fact in some ways it's worse than previous years. Cumbie straight up has been too cute. For years now we can be moving the ball on the ground and he has this brain fart where he needs to throw the ball or run the dumb arse wild frog.

    Unfortunately not one damn thing anyone of us say on here is going to make a difference.

    GP has to open his eyes and see what a complete cluster F this has been.
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  18. Steel thinks the OP has a screw loose...
  19. Wasn’t he at the game?
  20. What GMFP did Saturday was all kinds of wrong. The opposite of classy. The opposite of LEADERSHIP. Shows a disconnect in what's going on in his own organization. SERIOUSLY undermines public confidence in what Sonny is doing. . . But most of all, if you think Sonny is done for, WHO the HECK wants to come work for a guy who treats you like this???
    Gary needs a wake-up call. . . If not, this could be the beginning of the end for him.
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