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Disappointed in Gary

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 22, 2019.

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    For all those a week or so ago that were surmising who could be our next coach after GP why not put Sonny D. at the top of your list. He's got it going this year and apparently knows how to bring the right players in. Long shot of course, but there you go.
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  2. I saw the articles posted about GP having Cumbie go before the media. As someone who has worked with and around the media in the past, I can tell you that some of that was piling on for view. Basically herd approach. Reporters have hounded SIDs and HCs for coordinators to be available plenty over the years.
    AND we don't know if it was Cumbie's idea to speak.
    Regardless, I doubt this hurts getting candidates for a future assistant. Too many good ones out there looking for the next step up.
  3. I'm not- that was certainly a factor. But to act like the defense is entirely without blame by putting your OC to the wolves after a game is a joke and should be criticized
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    Cumbie is not an Air Raid Tempo guy. People keep saying he is, but the offense we run is neither Air Raid nor tempo.

    It doesn’t have anything with GP either. You can’t tell me for a second that we had 2 of his best years ever, and at the slightest hiccup he gave it all up. I think in ‘16 Cumbie and Meach weren’t getting along and he thought that Cumbie was the better recruiter (and was afraid he would lose Robinson) and if one had to go it was going to be Meach. He thought Cumbie was smart enough to keep it going. He’s having serious second thoughts about that move now. How do you think that story got floated last week? Why do you think he sent Cumbie out to the media on Saturday? If this is fight is going public, can you imagine what’s going on behind closed doors. I think barring a miracle offense transformation in the last 9 games Cumbie is gone no matter our record turns out to be.
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  5. Not sure there has been any confidence in what SC has been doing on offense for the past couple of years.
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  6. GMFP has problems, to be sure. The worst of them is, he doesn't know what his team is. By this, I mean he cannot from week to week assess and plan for it's capabilities because they are always changing.

    "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."

    Do any of us have a clue as to who we are? We used to be a stalwart defensive team with an explosive offense. Now we can't get out of our own way on offense, and haven't for three of the last four years. I don't know what goes on in practice, or how the assessment of the effectiveness of those practices is done, but by the metric of what I and everybody else saw on Saturday, it ain't working out. We have enough people returning that this shouldn't be that big a mystery.

    And, with all that said, who here actually believes Saturday will show marked improvement? True, they seemed to be at rock bottom a few days ago, but never doubt the ability to send for explosives and drilling gear...
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  7. do you really believe what you typed here?

    sonny has a number of short comings, but holy [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].....do you possibly believe those first three sentences you typed?
  8. I can see Cumbie being gone after this season. Can't ignore that without Meach (and without Dykes and an analyst), this offensive system has been not so good.
    However, Cumbie is an air raid guy. So let him run that or get someone else. If it is Cumbie's choice to run all the calls/ schemes we are seeing, well, that is not a good showing.
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  9. You watch what we do and think it is Air Raid and tempo?????
  10. reality is, defenses are going to get torched in this league. That is just how it is. Either try to hold them to 20 or so and know they will get 40+ and hope they get more. Or go on attack, which is what TCU does. Either way, you're offense has to step up and deliver in the red zone. And bad play calling stops that from happening.

    Defense and rushing won the game at Purdue. Why did we go away from that game plan, that, mind you, we did not actually really settle into until mid 2nd quarter.

    The offensive scheme is an absolute mess at the start of games. Players look confused.
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  11. in response to the question as to why the team would play better i think the hope of lessons learned and a better week of practice.

    how much better? that remains to be seen as both sides of the ball are still highly dependent on some very young players in some key positions and those young guys are going to get better at the speed they are going to naturally improve.

    the biggest concerns i have overall are not the young players, but as you point out has the over all vision of the direction of this program gotten foggy
  12. TCU has 3rd largest football budget in the Big 12. Meacham and Cumbie were each offered HC jobs but turned them down to stay here.
  13. I think I read somewhere that SMU O ran 50+ plays in the first half. TCU O, to no fault of Cumbie here, turned it over 3 times giving SMU short fields and had three 3 and outs in the first half. The big 12 is going to do the same thing SMU did to us. I don't care if you have the best defense in the world, when your defense is on the field the entire game, because of offensive ineptitude, then people are going to score points against you.
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  14. are you really this dense.....it has been written multiple times by froggish, myself, others that the single biggest problem in this offensive scheme is you have sonny who has only been in an air raid tempo system and came to tcu to install an air raid tempo system has now been tasked with going away from that offense to a more balanced attack and he hasn't the foundation, the experience, or help on his staff to make those changes.

    do you really believe we are running the offense sonny would run if gary came if and said you do want you want on the offense. you have free and total control.

    jeremy clark reported that during the third quarter when the offense wanted to pick up the tempo instead the tempo was slowed because gary wanted his defense off the field.

    please tell me you aren't one of those who truly believe gary has no input in the offense
  15. Of course it's not -- his point is that Cumbie is not allowed to run Air Raid and tempo and I think that's fairly obvious. Gary doesn't like having his defense defend 75 plays and put up bad stats.
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  16. Is there another FBS head coach that calls defensive plays? I know there are some that call offensive.
  17. You mean like every other genius on this forum does every day. You give it a rest.........With all due respect.
  18. Weak. -4
  19. yes.
    There is the possiblility that the players took smew lightly as well.
  20. Ouch!

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