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Could GP be waiting for a Joe Brady type situation to develop?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. that would be an interesting name. i believe he coaches tight end
  2. As Cardinal John Henry Newman asked: "Isn't there room in True Religion for mystery?".
  3. Maybe GP is just waiting for the right oppertunity to become some franchise's defensive Joe Brady...
  4. absolutely. its a no brainer that you hire him as your oc if you can
  5. I have watched GP speak as you have for years. My take is that Gary’s mind is working 5.3758 seconds ahead of his speech, and his mind gets bored with his speech and is moving on to the next thing in these press encounters. Add to that; Gary isn’t interested in these mindless cliche strewn pressers. I would personally be fascinated to observe a football staff meeting or player meeting. I’m guessing you see a different Gary when he’s passionate about the subject (ie: football) (ie: defense). I know, I know: he’s a head coach
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  6. I could crap out a better game plan than Sunny Cumbie. I'm sure Patterson feels the same, and if he doesn't I'd be truly shocked.

    What is probably happening, is Patterson will be the nice guy and give SC the chance to change in the off season. And that is what I'm afraid will be the case.
  7. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like for a GP defense to face a SC offense..I can’t imagine how embarrassing that would be for SC
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  8. Same play three times, stopped each time behind the line of scrimmage. Then when it seems all is lost and it is 4th and long (assuming he can't punt), run play that goes no where.
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  9. Liked for 1st sentence. I laughed. Ha!
  10. can’t punt? I guess fake punts aren’t an option then. You’re really eliminating any chances!
  11. Don't they do that in practices and scrimmages?
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  12. Doubt GP gives him anything but base looks
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  13. The only thing GP is waiting on is the stink of this season to die down so he can keep the staff he has in place without having to address the why no changes were made question.
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  14. But we DID bring in a better transfer - Matthew Baldwin. He just got hurt.
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    You know what they say about nice guys, right. Well we damn near finished last this year. And if you toss out Kansas and Tech's qb doesn't get hurt, we probably do. CoachP can't be that nice. He better not be or he can join SC in unemployment. Because I see no reason to expect improvement if we are status quo. I do expect the seat would be sizzling with another non-bowl season.
  16. I could see this being the case the last two years but it is obvious and the numbers don’t lie. We have a lot of talent and the coaching is not making the most of it. Especially on offense and if we don’t make a change we will be saying the same thing next year.
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  17. Just like Sunny Cumbie....
  18. I am surprised I have not seen Jefferson on some mock drafts. I am afraid if Clyde comes back, someone else will leave, especially if they get Evans. The 5 star Fr RB this year was 3rd string or worse. As for Brennan, not many were “sold” on Burrow this time last year either. Good “problems” to have. Why cant Cumbie just watch LSU film more? He does NOTHING like Clemson, Osu or LSU.
  19. Plagiarism concerns?

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