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Could GP be waiting for a Joe Brady type situation to develop?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. He probably had to start. My point was that there are a lot of grad transfer QBs, and we signed one who was a bad passer. It was already well established that he was a bad passer. I think we could have brought in someone who was better.
  2. Yes, and I believe they would travel down the same road and hopefully end up at the same destination.

    What would your plan be?
  3. i think it depends are we talking my parameters or gary's?

    not trying to be vague, but this is one reason when people would mention chad morris i never saw the reason to be interested as we are not going back to the days of hunh, pass centric offense.

    the other variable is are we changing just the oc, the scheme, everything?
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  4. It's good that we have this venue to express our thoughts basically openly on TCU Athletics, pro, con, and in between.

    "the other variable is are we changing just the oc, the scheme, everything?"

    The $64mil dollar question - only GP and Kelsey probably know. IF, Sonny is truly making $975,000/yr., then I can certainly understand why we raise tuition every year. If this is true, I'm at a loss (which is not that unusual), but really now, how can this be?
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  5. you don't think the $35mm+ we get from TV pays for our football coaching staff?
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  6. Good point.
    There were reports from "journalists" that Coach E was not exactly excited to have Brady come on, and there were those that reported he was open to it. Obviously, much of what is going on is Coach E, and his willingness to use was Brady is selling.
  7. so which QB transfer are you under the impression we didn't offer or turned us down because we already had Delton coming?

    I think you can argue Delton was a waste of time - although as Paint was pointing out, the only other healthy option at the beginning of the year seemed to be Duggan anyway - but I am not sure we choose Delton over other QB's that wanted to come here.

    My feeling was no other grad transfer QB's were interested in coming to TCU - partially because of the number of QB's we had on the roster even without Delton, since they all expect to be the starter or why transfer.
  8. The effort those rcvrs put in the offseason has as much to do with the success LSU has had this season as what Burrow has done. Not to diminish the amazing ability of Burrow, cause I am a fan of what he has gotten done, but I also want to give credit to those rcvrs. Much like the rcvrs at Clemson and Bama. When you have multiple Lambs on your squad, life is good.
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  9. Duggan. He looked better than Delton the first game. But GP wouldn't pull the trigger given Max's t.f. status (I guess).
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  10. i read an article a few weeks back where eddie o said that when he was at usc in the early 2000's he saw the benefit of having the experience, structure, and discipline of norm chow paired with imagination, creativity, and energy of lane kiffin

    that was the dynamic he was looking for when he brought brady in from the saints. eminger had seen brady handle himself at the board a few times when the lsu and saints offensive staffs got together to talk football and he was very impressed with how brady handled himself and the answer he gave to various questions
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  11. I really don't know, and I'll concede it's possible that Delton was the only guy in the county willing to come to TCU. It's just that there were 20+ grad transfer QBs who moved last year, and Delton was one of the worst. Not only that, but it was well established that he was a bad passer, and many lesser programs did better. So I like to think we could have signed someone better.
  12. The injury to Michael really hurt our starting situaton. Obviously he was better than Delton in passing.
  13. i think regardless of when changes get made there are a few realities that have to be accepted and a big one is tcu is not about to go open check book on position coaches.

    believe i read pittman at uga was getting paid $900K to coach their offensive line, texas is paying herb hand $640,000 with roughly another $100k in available bonus money, and ou pays bill bedenbaugh in the area of $750,000.

    if chris thomsen were to go to fsu i could be wrong, but i don't see tcu willing to pay that far above $500,000 for an offensive line coach. could be wrong.

    i said elsewhere if thomsen were to leave one coach i would like tcu to talk with is joe ashfield at rice. ashfield is late 30's-early 40's., he spent 5 years at stanford breaking down game film for scouting reportings, analytics, and setting up practices. bloomgren brought him with him and made his rice's offensive line coach after working with him those years at stanford.

    coaches i know who have spent time talking football with ashfield say he is very, very bright and i think he is the type of guy you would bring in and ask to build a run game scheme.

    beyond that it depends on the degree of change, if in theory cumbie is staying but open to help in the passing game give anderson a job offer he can't refuse and go get an experienced passing game co-ordinator. the big key for me is i want a passing game that builds off a strong run game, open to moving the pocket a bit, and i like determined routes

    all of that is worth what you paid for it.
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  14. Yes Goat, but why didn't we? GP was asked that question in a presser and he said no one wanted us except Delton - at the time, I found that hard to believe.
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  15. Oh yes, and all you have to do is to remember some of the catches of Taye, Hunt, and Reagor. These were commonplace with OU (Lamb) and LSU.
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  16. I remember him saying that, and I was skeptical as well. I think he said that Delton was the only one who reached out (I could be wrong), which I took as meaning there are plenty of guys TCU could have contacted, but didn't. I suspect that Snyder called Gary, vouched for Delton, and that was good enough.

    I also have to note that GP is so bad and awkward at talking that I tend to discount everything he says. I remind myself that if he was 1/10 the talker Mack Brown is, he would have been hired away from TCU fairly early on.
  17. Ha Ha I think this is pretty true. He such a poor communicator that Frog fans are about the only folks that see his charm. Hell of a coach but doesn't sale himself or the program that well and I'm not sure that's a bad thing for TCU fans.
  18. One thing I feel is almost fact: 1) if Gary was not so loyal, 2) if he wanted to be more of a program CEO and less of a true football coach and 2) he was better in dealing with people and speaking in public - he would not have been at TCU for the last 20 years.

    So take the good with the bad because we have been a major beneficiary of that combination of things at TCU even as our fans rake him over the coals for all three of them at the same time.
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  19. Absolutely.

    I was fly fishing for a tout.
  20. Any love for OC Chip Long..Just let go by Notre Dame?

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