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Could GP be waiting for a Joe Brady type situation to develop?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Last year at this time no one that wasn’t a Saints fan had likely ever heard of Joe Brady. Ed brings him in to help the OC and away they go.

    So we know that NFL teams have called GP for advice to help defend the spread and the passing schemes. Surely he may have an NFL contact that could do the same thing Brady did and is looking to make the same move. Faster way to get their name out there than work your way up over 5 years as a quality control guy in the NFL. Let Sonny stay and bring in some NFL help
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    Yeah, but believe Brady is unique, not the run of the mil nfl analyst. The offensive flip at LSU is not in the ordinary scheme of things. Next year would tell us more as Burrow graduates but the 3 receivers, Marshall, Jefferson, and Chase all return but really no one behind Burrow. Maybe they pull a grad. transfer.
  3. This makes too much sense. I don't know if Gary has that gear though.
  4. LSU has hit a perfect storm, similar to us back in 2014 with an effective coaching change + dynamite QB (in our case emergence), and a couple of very electric receivers.
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  5. meh, no worries. I'm sure they'll extend Cumbie through 2025.
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  6. With the wealth of knowledge and experience that our group of assistant coaches have accumulated under Gary, maybe we should start a GoFund me page to raise some dough to be sure nobody comes and lures them away...
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  7. Those of us that go to LSU games know all about what will be Jr Myles Brennan. I would say easily, LSU is in better shape than TCU is. The position requires other parts, I saw plenty at LSU. If Arik Gilbert actually shows up then LSU has 5 people that almost always catch the ball. Brennan has a much better deep ball than Burrow. Burrows best asset is his cerebral approach to the game. I think Jefferson turns pro.
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  8. Cumbie just had his review so he will not be reviewed again for two more seasons.
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  9. I vote no. No major changes coming. Sonny Cumbie will still be the OC next year, and he'll still be the same Sonny Cumbie. If I strain really, really hard to put an optimistic spin on it, I can try to imagine the following:

    Our passing game has been bad to terrible since 2016 primarily because we haven't had a QB. Hill was above average when not asked to do too much. His yards/attempt was 33rd nationally in 2017, which is good enough for TCU and we had a very good season. Then we had Robinson in 2018; it was reasonable to expect him to be good but he just wasn't. The coaching staff made an monumentally bad decision to bring in Delton for 2019, so Duggan was forced to play before he was ready. He was 94th in yards/attempt and completed 53%; both are terrible but he has talent and plays really hard and should improve significantly in 2020. So it's possible that our passing game will be "good enough" in 2020.

    I don't really buy it; I think Cumbie is just a bad OC and will continue to crush our hopes and dreams. But that's the best I can come up with.
  10. Gary's ambivalence to facilitate change remains an ongoing mystery.
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  11. We should have started Matt Joekel, though.
  12. Tigers need to take care of business vs. OU so I can capitalize on my non-refundable room in Nola. As a Tiger fan second to my Frogs I think LSU could be just as good next year. I am not sold on Brennan yet, but the defense should be better and they still return every piece of the best WR corp in the country, sans maybe Jefferson. Not to mention Moss who is really coming on at TE. Then they return Clyde at running back. Brennan may not have the cerebral approach or running ability as Burrow but every other piece of their team should elevate him.
  13. Marshall, Jefferson, and Chase would have made Sonny Cumbie look like Norman Einstein this year.
  14. yet how smart did they make ensminger look last year?
  15. Sitting around... not doing anything... waiting for a Joe Brady situation to save the program... Sounds like another 5 and 7 season on the horizon.
  16. Not defending Delton move, BUT in light of QB injuries and true freshman status, who else would you have started at QB to begin the season?
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    not worried if i can see if things are in motion or not in addressing the offensive troubles of this program.

    replacing cumbie doesn't address personnel issues and i think the frogs are in a situation where the problems aren't option a,b, or c, but instead d - all of the above and i tn that case you address the most immediate need first.

    possible gary has been working on the other concerns and i wouldn't expect the head coach who got frustrated for lucas niang announcing he was having season ending surgery on twitter to keep us all informed on his thoughts and actions with these matters
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  18. i had nor have any issue with a true freshman starting if they truly are the best player at the position.

    frogs didn't exactly face a gauntlet in their first two games and he ended up playing the majority of the second game.

    know way to know how much things change if max is the starter from the start
  19. I don't know what everyone's thinking is on this offensive problem, some say start clean, and others, start tweaking, or somewhere in between, but this is a pretty good article on the subject, IF we are going to do anything:

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  20. interesting, but two issues with some of the logic

    first and the big one is the line that got repeated often of "if they could accomplish that with 1-aa talent (or whatever appropriate level conference, division etc..) imagine what they could do with tcu talent fails to recognize that they are accomplishing against the same level of defensive talent. the frogs might be operating at a schematic disadvantage on the offensive end right now, but their scheme problems are not masking any talent advantage.

    second, there is a focus on yards produced and i am not worried about yards, but points. throwing the ball all the time or running a hurry up is going to generate big yards, especially against defenses that don't have depth and quality in their fronts .

    some concepts and schemes translate as competition and opposing talent increases and others don't.

    i don't want or need to see a cutting edge offense which seems to be the bent of the article, but an effective offense that will maximize the talent on hand
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