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Collins has to start against KU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. I did. He was terrible. But I didn't think Collins was all that great either and I don't want him out there if he's not able to throw like he normally does. I also believe that there is some psychology involved too and the being pulled and watching for a half might do some good for Robinson and take some pressure off him. He was obviously pressing like crazy. If SR plays again and stinks up the place that's one thing, but I'm wouldn't totally write him off for the year either, especially if Collins is injured.
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  2. Would not surprise me to see him start at Kansas. We are very capable of losing that game.
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    Alright, it’s time to put this to bed right here because I just cannot fathom how some of you continue to say Michael Collins wasn’t “that good” or “that impressive.”

    I believe his injury occurred just prior to the second field goal though someone can correct me if wrong, either way it was pretty close to that I think.

    5 for 7, with 2 tds and leading to 2 field goals on 4 drives prior to the injury isn’t good or impressive?! What more do you want?? Considering what our offense had shown in the 2-3 games prior and some of you are still meh about having fluidity, positivity, and energy in the offense for once?? Not only that, it actually seemed to charge up the defense somehow.

    I just don’t get it. Are there problems elsewhere?? Sure! But damn, prior to the hand issue, we saw some strength in an important position. I don’t know if it’ll carry on but I certainly know it was better than what some of you seem to be willing to give credit for. And my apologies for the rant or if I’ve aggravated anyone, I just don’t get how some are reacting to what can only be (again, prior to the injury,) a positive performance from a position of importance.
  4. Collins said in his post game interview he cut the palm of his hand as he was running toward the OU sideline to make a 1st. down (this is when he stiff armed the OU defensive back near the sideline) and was sliding out of bounds and his hand (palm down) slid across a tarp next to the OU bench. This is when he cut it on his throwing hand. He wasn't effective after that incident for whatever reasons. What is obvious for both the defense and offense, is the players want him in the game.
  5. There is a tweet from Max Olson of the stiff arm from Collins and he slides into sideline and cuts his hand. Someone more tech savvy can embed the tweet.
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  6. ^^ the team rallied around him....RBs were running over people, receivers were catching the ball.... no way in Hell Collins is a liability, he’s a breath of fresh air that was needed games ago
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  7. i think the single biggest thing that happened with the change was the players seemed to sense they had a chance.

    i have written it multiple times last night and today and will say it again. shawn to me looks like a shell of the quarterback he was a month ago. this is just my opinion, but the confidence that he showed during the ohio state game and really the texas game looks to be missing from him.

    there can be a variety of reasons why that is and i have written about some of those. i think robinson is more beat up than we know, the line hasn't been good, and more importantly i think he is seeing ghosts. not just rushers that may or may not be near him, but i think he is second guessing what he sees in opposing secondaries and he is struggling to make plays like he always has been able to do in his prior football life while avoiding making critical errors.

    when collins came into the game the offense reacted for the first time in a long time and i agree that was a good thing. the best thing he did physically was simply executed the plays called by cumbie. i said in the long post i wrote earlier and explained my thoughts collins showed confidence. he didn't rush the screen and turp made a great run after the catch and some good blocks. collins did a good job on the touchdown pass to reagor.

    neither was a difficult throw, but they didn't need to be made hard. cumbie made good play calls and collins simply executed which what is expected of any quarterback at this level.

    i understand tcu hasn't gotten that and my thoughts aren't based on robinson compared to collins. they are based upon did he execute the plays asked of him and the answer was yes.

    i was a bit disappointed at the end of the half when it was obvious that gary wanted sonny to slow the offense to the point he would settle for the field goal instead of playing for the touchdown. would have been interesting to see how collins functioned in that situation, but it wasn't to be.

    wrote about the throws in the second half that looked to be missed chances. most appeared to be timing issues and i think he actually made what was easily his best throw of the game on the deep ball to stephens. he threw it with confidence and he gave john a chance to make a play. in my mind that really was the one plus throw he made when it was called on to make it. the only two balls that in my mind were concerns on the decisions were the deep out to reagor that the defensive back almost cut in front and the interception were he misread the defense.

    when i say concerns i don't mean reasons to not start him, but things he will need to progress from which is expected of any young quarterback.

    i guess in closing my thoughts were that he executed some basic throws that hadn't been made the past few games, showed he wasn't overwhelmed by the moment as he seemed a bit against texas and i think there is every reason to give him a start against kansas.

    the challenge in my mind now is that how he responds to when he is the focus of an opposing defensive scheme. the more tape that gets out the more people learn. we haven't seen yet how he will address getting knocked around a bit. how does he handle the offense when it is fit to his skills. basically the learning process starts again at quarterback which is fine. until someone shows they can do what is asked of the business it is what has to be done and i am not a fan of the alternating quarterback scenario.
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  8. Tldr
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  9. "i think the single biggest thing that happened with the change was the players seemed to sense they had a chance."

    The above quote is from 8 and I believe it sums up our current situation. GP, Sonny, and Luper, you would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to know it.
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