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Collins has to start against KU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. For whatever reason the game hasn’t slowed down for SR yet. Kid has all the tools in the world, but until things click for him, he will continue to be a liability.

    At this point, they have to give Collins a week working at QB1 and see what he can do.
  2. Should be no question he earned that chance.
  3. Whoever can win a game is who needs to play.
  4. He absolutely should, and he should get 100% of the first team reps in practice to prepare.

    But, come on. This is Gary. Shawn is going to start next week, maybe look a little better because it’s Kansas, and then fall apart the next week for Gary just to wring his hands and say that he wanted Collins to get more playtime.
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  5. If Gary allows Robinson to start at KU.....his statue could be in jeopardy. lol
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  6. I said it in another thread..... if Collins is healthy and Shawn starts the game then at about 2:05 my lawnmower is gonna be on and my next few hours will be spent on yard work and not TCU football.
  7. He should start Collins but SR should see a series at least. MC’s 2nd half was not great. MC seems to have a good deep ball. Let’s use it and take some chances, esp on their side of the field!!
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  8. This is why the second half wasn’t great.
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    Aside from any kind of illegal or non ethical actions, Gary has all but earned himself an unlimited leash.

    With that said, I’ve been very disappointed and somewhat annoyed with the seemingly wasted talent of this team and the way he’s presented things in press conferences this season- especially his stupid comments about wishing cumbie would have played Collins more, as if he wasn’t the darning head coach.

    Anyway, assuming that Collins is healthy, I will be absolutely furious if Collins doesn’t get the start next Saturday. He earned the opportunity. Not starting him would further point to this coaching staff having some severe incompetencies when it comes to rational decision making.
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  10. I cannot understand why some people don’t take this into account when discussing the two halves...
  11. I think a lot of people that were at the game don’t know it happened. I got stuck at home yesterday due to kid duties so I had the luxury of seeing it on TV where it was discussed at length.
  12. agree with the second and third paragraph, but can not agree with the second phrase of your opening line.

    this program belongs to tcu and not gary patterson, decisions about this program have to be focused on the long term goals of tcu and not gary patterson, there are a number of examples of what can go terribly wrong when coaches are allowed to get bigger than the program
  13. I didn’t see this until late last night
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  14. Yeah if y’all had not been discussing it here I would have had no clue that Collins had an injury. Once I knew and watched closely I could tell but without the information no idea
  15. And to elaborate for others that didn’t know, the injury coincides EXACTLY with the last decent drive we had early in the second half.
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  16. I was wondering why they were working on him out in the open when we have that tent thing
  17. What the hell did that?
  18. curious when that happened in the 3rd quarter. they showed it during the procast as well as the medical staff working on the sideline, but never gave a time frame. they did raise the question about shawn coming in and i do think that collins stayed in was telling.

    i thought he went out of bounds on the ou side on the 1st drive of the 3rd and he only threw one more ball on that drive and that was the ball behind austin.

    next series started with the deep ball to john stephens which i thought was easily his best throw of the game. throw was accurate and showed confidence that his receiver would make the catch.

    unfortunately the lack of a running game inside the 20 doomed that series. i would have liked to have seen frogs try a fade to stephens. stanford doesn't even hide what they are going to do with the one receiver, john has the frame and strength, and i would love to see tcu have one thing in the red zone defenses have to expect

    third series he missed reagor on the deep post. the read was right and throw was accurate, but too flat. he throws the ball he did to stephens on the sideline and reagor is gone for the score.

    could have been the hand, could have been the lack of playing time, and there really is only one way to find out.

    fourth quarter we know he has the hand issue. makes an accurate throw on a deep out to the ou sideline, but it gets broken up. you can't tell on the television if that was the correct throw. huard had shown eariler on replay that the throw to austin wasn't the right choice and tv doesn't always give those angles.

    last "real" series unfortunately started at the 2. the deep ball to jalen was there, but whether it was the hand or not recognizing it fast enough is something none of us can really answer, but the ball didn't get out in front of jalen.

    the interception looked to be a case of he thought he saw one thing, turpin reacted to coverage and did another and the ou defender got an easy interception.

    the biggest thing in most of the misses seemed to be a timing issue and a lack of game experience. you can't go backwards and talk about when he should have played and the staff to me has a pretty simple decision. shawn looks to be a shell of what he was a month ago and he showed nothing on saturday to believe he was going to turn it around. collins showed confidence which is something they haven't had in the quarterback position for a few weeks.

    i don't think you split snaps, i don't think you work in game reps right now. if they go with collins they have to give him the starters work during the week and let him go at least in the first half.

    how he addresses some of those throws and decisions as well as a defense game planning to attack him without a running game is critical. cordel coming back would help
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    Tarp or cover of some sort on the side of the field. Slid onto it and it sliced his hand right up.
  20. tarp the players stand on the sidelines.
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