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Collins has to start against KU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. Thx for info. Brutal tarp. Ouch
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  2. A significant flesh wound like that can be very sore while it heals. Hope he’s able to take snaps this week. Very unfortunate.
  3. one nice thing about the type of snap they take is that he really is never under the center taking the direct impact of a true snap.

    huard on the broadcast questioned about going to a glove for protection and i am curious if collins will try that this week.
  4. No reason that injury should impact next week, but it will have an effect on practice.
  5. He won't start and may not even play. The overall coaching going on now is very suspect on a lot of different levels.
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  6. Yeah honestly I will be shocked if Collins starts.
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  7. Better be extra careful at Baylor.
  8. Because like Cumbie, they are willing to ride SR into the ground. They also previously said, if Collins was any good, he would have already played when SR was struggling.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if GP was the one that made the move at QB yesterday. He has been leaving hints of wanting to see a little bit of Collinsat the last 3 press conferences before the OU game.
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  9. I disagree for more than one reason but I note that anything that impacts practice this week will have an effect on Saturday.
  10. For the same reason that people pretend that Shawn's injury is not affecting his play, excusing it as "well it's not his throwing shoulder".

    People have their biases and are willing to ignore evidence that contradicts those preconceived conclusions. That's how sports goes.
  11. Exactly. To act like that injury will have no effect is ridiculous. It's a giant slice on his throwing hand, ffs.
  12. If they are physically able, play them both and see how it goes. Kansas is actually a pretty good game for this too considering the opponent. If they aren't physically able, they should be willing to play Muehlstein as well. We are at a point where the only thing that matters is who can make the offense go. Kansas will also have some game film on Collins now so it will be a little more challenging for him too. if the hand injury still impairs Collins, we still have an open QB race.
  13. Well that sounds good, but in reality, will it happen? Reagor got 1 touch in the OU game for 33 yds. Stephens got 1 for 43 yds. You never know what Sonny, Luper and Anderson will come up with.
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  14. Release the Mule!
  15. Is it a slice? It looks like a blister. And all I’m saying is that that it should be able to heal well enough to play by Saturday. Although if it’s truly a slice and not a blister, then that may be a different story.
  16. Like peeling a potato halfway and just leaving a flap.
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  17. Gross
  18. Mystifying how many are ignoring this hand injury like it was nothing. I’m a little surprised they left him in there.
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  19. No kidding. It’s odd that it took so long for Collins to get a chance to play and then he gets a massive cut in his throwing hand and he’s still then considered a better option than Robinson. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    I’m in the minority here I’m sure but if Collins throwing ability is compromised this weekend, Robinson needs to start.
  20. Did you miss Robinson's last throw before getting pulled? He threw it at three defenders and it was a miracle the guy didn't catch it. It was like he was in disbelief, because none of our receivers were even near him.

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