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Coaching Carousel 2019/20

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. I’d love to have him but he Has no GP or TX ties and that would be too much to overcome in the Fort.
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  2. Hell yeah, Rutgers!!
  3. when did rutgers become a better job than ok state?
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  4. Maybe when you’re about to be out of a job???
  5. So any day we might hear the SC has been named as OC at a rando G-5/P-5 bottom feeder school?
  6. Cal hired Bill Musgrave as its OC. All these schools from good, mediocre, and bad, making moves.

    Meanwhile down in FTW...

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  7. You know GP has to keep everything under super secret lockdown so that the Russians don't leak the information out and all hell breaks loose and ruins the next election. Plus, we can't risk anyone else stealing our signs. Oh wait...
  8. Former Texas defensive coordinator Todd Orlando is headed to a similar role at Texas Tech.

    Additionally, Craig Naivar, a defensive assistant at Texas alongside Orlando, is expected to join the staff, most likely as cornerbacks coach.
  9. Good. He sucked even with all that talent.
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  10. what happened to the current dc patterson?
  11. Oh, if you haven't heard Matt Rhule took the Carolina Panthers job. :cool:
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    Last month,

    This month,
  13. That doesn’t seem like a good fit.
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  14. Interesting.
    Puts him closer to Florida (not football related).
    He has recruited that region before. But that has been a while and his assistants would have that saturation if he went there.
  15. Maybe he wants to have more control on that side of the ball?
  16. Orlando’s bread and butter is the panic blitz.
  17. Not sure where to put this so here it is:

  18. no way to sugar coat it as pullman truly sucks especially in late january through february when you never see the sun.

    that aside this was a better move 5 years ago before the sec started changing how they recruit defensively to handle the spread offenses.

    worst is he went to the wrong side of the sec. if you want an sec job go east baby.

    seriously, if he struggled with udub's defensive line and athletes in the secondary he is going to love bama, auburn, and lsu every year.
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