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Coaching Carousel 2019/20

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. And so it begins...

    -Florida State frees Willie....Willie Taggart fired...Gutsy just half way through year 2. Still owe him 17-18m..
    Think they aren’t serious about winning in Tallahassee

    who next
  2. These coaching contracts are stupid. 17-18mil to push him out the door for a failed effort.
  3. For Frog fans relevance (not to EVER hire him) but Baby Briles is now likely out of a job
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  4. He can now join daddy at Mount Vernon.
  5. Johnny Tapefingers will land on his feet, no problem. There's always some program that doesn't care if you eat live puppies, just as long as they win.

    "Heinz 57, or some Pickapeppa Sauce with that?"
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  6. I would imagine assistants will be retained for a while until they make another HC hire..
  7. Is there really any evidence that he is any good without daddy? I guess he did ok working with Kiffen but hIs last two head coaches have been fired so ....
  8. No can do. They already have lynx hawthorne running things the "baylor way".
  9. Hearing that Bob Stoops could be the new HC at FSU by the end of the week. Briles & Leavitt would remain on as offensive & defensive coordinators.
  10. Isn't he coaching a xfl team?
  11. Yeah, but I bet his buyout is in the tens of dollars.
  12. Yes, which seems a bit strange, but with coaching salaries what they are nowadays, who knows.
  13. He will fit in perfect at FSU. Forced to retire at OU due to Mixon and other cover ups.
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  14. If true that’s a homerun for them..Stoops will at least instill some discipline back into that program. That alone should get them back to 8 wins
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  15. Discipline?
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  16. Is that the reason(s)? I guess I had never heard that but could easily be convinced it to be true.

    I guess I assumed LR came in just took over after he got there. Figured OU knew now was the time or LR would get hired away.
  17. Have you seen FSU in the Taggart era? They are nothing but 4Q of Flags and blown assignments..
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  18. Stoops removes his name from the FSU job. Interesting, but not a real surprise.
  19. FSU writer on 247 listing GP in his list of buyout candidates for the FSU job...
  20. They’d be crazy. He’s the worst coach of all time.

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