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Coaching Carousel 2019/20

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. But his comments during Egg Bowl week would be priceless.
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  2. now that you mention it, leach discussing the history of the egg bowl will be very solid
  3. True but perhaps he'll recruit better in the SEC
  4. This. This is what is important. And it will just mean more.
  5. still relative to his peers.

    bulldogs' stadium is much bigger that wazzu and they actually draw a crowd, but they are the smallest stadium in the sec west, facilities is a similar story, and he is going head to head with bama, auburn, lsu, atm, uga, flordia, fsu, clemson, etc....

    he will have access to some damn good juco talent, but again it is relative to what he will face from his sec peers. he went from the pac north tot he sec west.
  6. It’ll be tough, but as far as opponents go he’ll get kentucky as his east cross-division rival and only pulls GA or FL once every 8 years. Bama Auburn LSU are probably losses but might get an upset every now and then. And their upcoming non-conf isn’t too difficult. I think 8-4 most years would make them happy
  7. he goes 8-4 3-4 years in a row and there will be a pirate statue by the stadium
  8. Not that it was ever more than a rumor or an opinion that they should, but the Browns have not hired Lincoln Riley to pair him back up with Mayfield. They've hired the Vikings OC, Kevin Stefanski.
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  9. Kansas: New Mexico defensive coordinator Jordan Peterson has accepted a position at Kansas where he will coach safeties.
  10. Mike Leach in the SEC with be very funny to watch. It will be a sigh to see.
  11. Signs of stroke.
  12. Nick Rolovich to Washington St to replace the pirate is a great move on their part. He likes to sling it as much as Leach and is from a similar scheme tree having played for June Jones.
  13. Joe Brady leaving LSU to be Rhule’s OC in Carolina
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  14. This would be his first Offensive Coordinator gig. While he had a huge input at LSU, it was still SE that was OC there. I imagine the experience he has gotten in the past few years has him more than prepared. His influence on LSU was what made the offense get over the hump they were stuck on for years.
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  15. No doubt. Leach trolled aggy constantly when he was at Tech, and here’s hoping he continues to do so. He and Kiffin should make for an interesting Egg Bowl.
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  16. He signed a contract extension with LSU THREE DAYS AGO.

    I do love this economy.
  17. Baylor is hanging a Super Bowl banner.
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  18. Fuente leading candidate for BU job
  19. ^^^ Dang that would make it hard to hate Baylor. No it wouldn't.
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