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Chris Thomsen to FSU....???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Glasgow did leave..Remember he went to TT as DC and they could wait to let him go. He landed right back in to GPs nurturing biosphere of job security
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  2. Internet rammar police are/is/wgaf related to suck my arse....
  3. Why would GP keep Glasgow on his staff all these years if he was a bad coach? Are you saying that CG had no role in our earlier success? Or has he become a bad coach in the last few years?

    I thought our LB play was improved this year, but what do I know?
  4. Yes, I do remember that. Where else was he going to go, no one else wanted him. Would be great if we could package a deal for those 3 to Lamar, or some other job opening for future considerations.
  5. meh, GP only cares about defense. so I am not holding my breath for a big hire at that position.
  6. I don’t think Glasgow has done a poor job here at all, not sure why people are so anxious for him to leave. What am I missing? Most of our issues on defense over the years when we’ve had them have been personnel related IMO, not poor coaching.
  7. Aiding GP to a 1-11 season.
  8. Glascow is a great coach and a great instructor. Sit in on just one of his sessions and you will feel like you never understood defense before.
  9. GP is the DC..It’s his defense and Glasgow is just doing what he’s being asked. I can confidently tell you that not a single defense play was uttered or signaled this year that GP didn’t make. And your right the LBs played pretty well considering their youth. In the line of things we hope get righted, anything defensive coaching related is pretty far down the list for me.
  10. This isn’t a shot at Glasgow. Sincere question...Why do you think things went so poorly for him at TT? I know he knows GPS system about as well as anyone
  11. I support the criticism of the offensive coaches, but CG has always done a good job. He may not "run" the defense, but he is a valuable asset on our staff. Not sure why the trolls are going after him.
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  12. The talent level at Tech was bad at the time. They also had some injury issues there, too. Also, the up-tempo offense of KK hung them out to dry a lot, too. By the end of the year, the Tech D was playing a bunch of backups who had no business being on the field. Then, he got fired before he could bring in some guys to fix it. If I remember right, the Tech D was just as bad post CG as it was pre CG.
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  13. It’s not like they were good, got bad when he was there, and then got good again after he left. Hard to remember them having a good defense.
  14. 1) It was a tall task taking over a Tech defense that had been terrible for years and years. I don’t know if anyone could turn around in one year.

    2) I don’t know if Tech had the right players for the 4-2-5, it may have a taken a few years of recruiting

    3) Glasgow is a hard nosed coach like GP. That may work for the players that chose TCU and knew what they were getting into, but it may have been that the players that chose to go to Tech were not the type of players who respond well to being yelled at.

    It’s also worth noting that our defense (and our safety play) in 2011 without Glasgow was one of the worst in the GP era. There was a clear improvement in 2012 when Glasgow returned. Could just be a coincidence though.
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  15. The negativity is strong in this thread.

    Want to keep CT here. Not a coach we would want to lose at the moment.
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  16. Only concern is how it affects the commits/recruiting.
  17. That's usually how amateurs feel in the presence of a professional.
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  18. Anderson, CT, and SC are topping my Christmas list of departures.
  19. Maybe this is one of the issues.
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  20. Our current situation really does not involve the defense. Historically, with few exceptions, GP's defense is good enough to be in the Big 12 championship game. It's the offense and it hasn't been dependable since Fuente left, except for the 2 years of Boykin/Doctson, which was a TCU perfect storm, kinda like what LSU is going thru now.

    The past 2 years of offense is the beginning of the end for the Air Raid at TCU IMO. Does Sonny see this, probably not but GP does - look for an offensive scheme change in the Spring.
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