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Chris Thomsen to FSU....???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. I think most of that was due to the fact that he was an actual offensive line coach by trade as opposed to what we'd had here for the previous few seasons before him.
  2. can't explain for everyone, but i would guess it has to do with the strength of the frogs recruiting class being the 5 offensive linemen committed at this time

    thomsen has only coached o-line in his three years at tcu and anderson is the coach who has been moved around on the offensive side from receiver to o-line and back to receiver
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  3. Don’t know, but kids that choose their school based on an assistant coach aren’t doing it right. At most schools assistants bounce around all the time, the odds of any assistant staying at a place more than 2-3 years is pretty long. Especially if they are really good.
  4. Possibly so. I’m not disagreeing with the idea that he is a great coach, just remember the posts about how great he was at the time. I’d never heard of him prior to coming here, but I don’t follow o-line coaches.
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  5. How 'bout you pony up a little, I mean a very little cash and read it for yourself.

    Jeremy runs a business and he's dam good at it. Better then anyone peddling free boat info. Or just be a cheap SOB and grovel for info the rest of us subscribe to.
  6. I thought the previous coach did a pretty good job for the most part. Turned out quite a few NFLers from kids that really didn’t have great hype coming in. Big V, Hunt, Aviante, Schlottman, Pryor, Noteboom...might have even missed one or two.
  7. if thomsen is gone one young name to consider is chris ashfield at rice

    when bloomgren got the rice job he brought ashfield with him after working with him for five years at stanford. spent time breaking down film, charting plays, and setting up practices, and preparing scouting reports.

    prior to stanford he was the oc at nmi for two years, was a receiver coach for a small college in iowa for three years, and played quarterback at st john's in minnesota

    i have been told he is very, very smart and very creative

    I actually want bloomgren first if ct is gone, but that isn't happening
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  8. Thx but not interested. A while back, they kicked off some Frog fans so I canceled. It has been a blessing for my free time.
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  9. I think that is probably accurate but you've got to consider that the guy actually coaching the OL in 2014 and 2015 was a GA that left. Go back and take a look at that 2016 line when it was coached by the guy listed as the OL coach and tell me how they played. A big hint might be that after that season, we went out and hired an actual OL coach.

    I'm willing to give Thomsen the benefit of the doubt at this point as he had the OL playing pretty well in 2017. In 2018, he was stuck with a center and one guard who were two of most ill-equipped P5 football players I have ever witnessed and even then he shuffled around some guys and came up with a group that played decent toward the end of the season.

    This year was very disappointing given the experience level but the talent level outside of Niang looked very suspect and we have certainly recruited better since he has been here so it seems fair to me to evaluate how he does coaching the guys that he recruited.
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  10. then is related to time
    than is related to comparisons
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  11. If he stays, we will see his recruits in '20 and even though young, an upgrade which would not be that hard to do.

    After Niang got hurt, they really became bad. So many times, our left tackle would whiff against a 3 man rush. Hard to believe and a 4* at that. Kinda gives you an indication about those stars. We should start to see Avila, more of Harris, and Brown, Coker, Dike, Williams, and Burnette along with the returners who played significant in '19. Even though very young, we will be improved.
  12. @CountryFrog is Boykin?
  13. Breaking: Grammar Policeman Caught Committing Grammar Crimes
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  14. Where. Is. Your. Punctuation.
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    Hardly ... we finished 3rd in the B12 in rushing this year. Surely if there was a stat for WR team performance, we would have finished in the bottom 3. Personally would prefer him to stay. A new OC might would have kept him, but to move on is probably best for him, at this point.
  16. If things are moving...what percent do you put on Glasgow, Anderson and Sharpe moving on..... OR.... R these three so entrenched they are untouchables? .. (si hombre)

    Bet a bottom dollar if Chris does move on, it didn't come from a Patterson suggestion to look somewhere else. ....
  17. I prommise i can out preform anywon on this cite whin it cums to gramering !!
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  18. Isn't he an alum of TCU? Perhaps working with GP or our current staff isn't what he had hoped for when he came here.
  19. Wholesale change doesn’t start with dumping an OL coach...Sonny is going to be the play caller next year. Might as well wrap your head around it or start searching for a new team to follow. Hell SC could probably run wildfrog 10-12 more times a game and not lose his job..

    Here’s a fun Frog fan game...Name all the things Sonny could get away with before losing his job?
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  20. Why would any of those 3 ever leave? They have been getting paid great money to underperform at their jobs for years now. As someone stated on another post, they have been "stealing money" from TCU for years. No other school is going to come hire them away.

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