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Chris Thomsen to FSU....???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. That’s what OU did different this year. Grinch said he wanted his athletes to be athletes and attack the ball without having to think about too much.
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  3. Not good to have a system that is very hard for players to understand. They are not pros. They don't have the hourse to set for study like the pros. And they don't have the practice time either.
  4. Market interference. Possibly anti-trust.
  5. Yeah, it doesn't seem like too many coaches on the defensive side are screwing up so much as that we lost something with Bump that hasn't been replaced. Sharp is currently on the D-line where Bump was for so long, and it seems like every unit he touches underperforms sooner or later. He's definitely on the "should be put out to pasture" list, but I wouldn't name Glasgow there. We were all pretty excited to get him back from Tech after his one-year Lubbock mistake.

  6. Glasgow has been a good safeties coach, but I think he is in over his head with coaching LB's also now. Cross was a better LB's coach before he left to become Missouri's DC. Cross should be coaching LB's, and let Glasgow concentrate on just safeties.
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  7. My only real complaints about defense is that it takes us a few too many games to get into a groove and we don't recruit nearly well enough on that side of the ball.
  8. U
    Our defense is littered with four star recruits and recruits that had several major offers at this point.
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  9. collectively the 2015-19 defensive recruiting classes rate very good, but if you look at some specific positions the ratings drop off and then when you compare the actual production and attrition it explains a great deal of what we saw at linebacker and defensive end this past season

    look at the 2015-17 classes

    defensive end
    breylin mitchell
    tipa galeai

    isiah chambers
    brandon bowen
    matt boesen
    gary overshown

    dennis collins
    michael epley
    terrell cooper

    two highest rated are chambers who transferred back to houston and bowen who can't stay health

    mitchell got into trouble before he got to campus, tipa got in trouble on campus, overshown and collins never developed and transferred out.

    the three most productive were boesen who was a late juco signee, epley who was summer signee and cooper who has blossomed at defensive tackle

    alec dunham
    mike freeze
    arico evans

    tyree horton

    alex bush
    garret wallow

    much like defensive end the highest rated recruit didn't pan out in horton, freeze left the program quickly, and i am not sure if bush ever played.

    that leaves dunham as a special teams contributor and he played some as a senior, evans who was a late signee, and then wall.
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  10. That's a sobering list. Just how many kids were on our radar that, for some reason, were passed over in favor of the ones we did sign and blossomed elsewhere?

    Player evaluation extends beyond "Can he run/jump?" We are blowing it on the intangibles. Big time...
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  11. James Lynch on line 1......
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  12. Yes and No, IMO. Yes he is not that good of a LB position coach but Gonzales has coached 2 great safeties and they still have room to get better, so leave him at safety IMO. Both should make All Big 12 in '20 and agree with you on Cross, he should be coaching LB. But.......here we are telling GP about his 4-2-5, kinda comical actually.
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  13. Damn you with your facts. This is an internet fan board. There no place for that crap!

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