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Cheez-It Bowl vs. Cal

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double V, Dec 2, 2018.

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    He's led the Frogs in wins against two bowl team ... with no losses.
  2. My kids love Cheez-its. I eat them fairly often as a result of them just being around. Found some Cheez-its not long ago that I’ll put at number 1 on my top 5 list of favorite Cheez-its flavors below:

    5. Hot & Spicy
    4. Original
    3. White Cheddar
    2. Cheddar Jack
    Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, left in the oven just a little longer to brown them, giving each cracker a little extra flavor.

    And there you have it!
  3. Hot and Spicy are at 2 with white cheddar at 3. Extra toasted is on a different level though
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  4. The free seating to purchase on the Cal side are better seating and cheaper. Plus much better/easier access to all facilities, than the Frog's fields seats. Don't know why/how the fans of the universities treated in this manner ... NCAA should step in on this miscarriage.

    Hate to, but forced to buy on the other(Cal) side. There to see and cheer on the Frogs, not to socialize. Hope the Ticket Office/NCAA do something, so that I never have to do this again.
  5. Seems like in the last year, spicy anything gives me indigestion. Getting old I guess. So as much as I like them, I don’t buy them, putting them in the number 5 spot.

    I can see how they could be higher on others lists.

    And yah, extra toasty on point. Store is usually out of them so when they’re in stock, I stock up.
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  6. Hated to go this route... just picked up seats on the 30-35 at 31 rows up for $31 each. Hope ATO and team figure out how to negotiate stronger with these Bowl people in the future. But there for our boys, no matter what !
  7. There's nothing to negotiate. Every bowl has a certain group of tickets set aside for the participating schools. You take those tickets or you reject the invitation.
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    That's obvious … just venting mostly. They are catering to the local fan base for ample good seating. The schools take it in the rear.
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    For instance, on the Frogs field seating, from the 30 to 30 seating is non allotted Frog seating for the general/local public. The Cal side is even worse for their allotted seating.
  10. Seats in my living room always seem to have a good angle too.
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  11. Butt the Kids can't hear you from that angle.
  12. And they are 100% real cheese!
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  13. Humorous thread.

    Cheez-it discussion on one side (I didn't know that toasted was a thing) and asleep mistletoad quoting himself on the other.
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  14. My wife would argue otherwise
  15. She must be proud !
  16. I'm not sure if anyone has already asked this, but do we really have to add a "CHEEZE IT BOWL" sign to the stadium? Please no
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  17. dajo9 does your band do skits during their halftime performance? Your mascot dance around with a box and make fun of Texas/Whataburger? Cuz that backfired on Stanford!
  18. Our band is a pretty straightforward traditional marching band. You won't see any dumb Stanford-style skits. Our mascot, Oski, is an old fashioned bear who walks around taking pictures with kids.

    Rivalries aside, Stanford is a great institution and I don't know how they tolerate the idiocy of their band. But hey, they helped us win a game back in 1982 so they aren't all bad.
  19. Reminds me of Baylor, they say something similar all the time...... “we don’t know how TCU tolerates the refs, but hey, they helped us win the game back in 2014 so they aren’t all bad. 61-58!”
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  20. Good sense would say to go with the '' Cactus Bowl " .

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