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Cheez-It Bowl vs. Cal

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double V, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Go Frogs! Always fun beating up on some Bears!
  2. Not until moose or dirtbag confirm it!

    /sarcasm font
  3. Game day thread already? Y’all are fired up for this one.
  4. Easy win for TCU at Berzerkley’s expense.
  5. Sunshine and fun.
  6. So who will be the QB?!
  7. Not it!
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  8. Since everyone is talking low ticket sales, we should have to ability to do some picking of our own. If it's like the Rose Bowl, where they give you what they want, which could be on row 2 corner end zone.... then I'm not buying thru our good friends at our lovely TCU ticket sales this time around..
  9. Where’s Ato???
  10. Easy win?

    There is no bowl team that I would say would be an easy win, and the list is short for FBS teams period I would say are an easy win.

    Rice would be an easy win for this TCU team
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  11. No.
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    1989-1997 -- Copper Bowl
    1997-2001 -- Insight.com Bowl
    2002-2011 -- Insight Bowl
    2012-2013 -- Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
    2015-2015 -- Ticket City Cactus Bowl
    2016-2017 -- Cactus Bowl
    2018- -- Cheez It Bowl

    I wish the NCAA would force all the bowls to have a permanent traditional name (Rose, Sugar, Cactus, etc.).

    If sponsorship is involved, it ought to be "The ____ Bowl" Presented/Sponsored by _______.

  13. So, are we planning on spotting them three scores in the first half before we do the epic-comeback-against-a-Pac-12-team thing again?
  14. At least Cal has as bad an offense as we do..Def should wreck shop in this one...
  15. I predict:

    1.Cal will run a successful fake punt and score on that drive (probably with a trick play).

    2. Other than trick plays, we hold them under 150 yards of offense.

    3. Reagor will throw a touchdown pass to Novak or Lynn.
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  16. The TCU bowl tickets locations according to Go Frogs are horrible. I will buy thru TCU for points, but I will sit in the field seats on the TCU side for less than what TCU is asking for upper deck seats thru a ticket broker.
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  17. What are the TCU sections?
  18. I went thru Go Frogs and went to the bowl announcement story--the link was there--it now says it cannot be opened. But to answer your question--club level tickets are in the endzone and there is approx 300 of those. There is a premium club section for only 100 folks so that is administration only I presume. The majority of the tickets are endzone and higher decks endzone at decent prices for most folks purchasing tickets. There are some sideline tickets in temporary stands that look to go up to row 26 or so and TCU appears to have 3 sections there from the 40-endzone. You can buy those temporary sideline from TCU for $135 or so. I bought mine thru a ticket broker on the 50 for $67 in the temporary sideline seats.

    The total ticket allotment is 6,000 seats with most in endzone and in the upper decks endzone.
  19. Wait, played at Chase field now, instead of University of Phoenix stadium? Weird.

    I predict massive footing issues and Jalen Reagor slipping/falling all over the place on the temporary grass field...
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  20. Cleats by NIKE?

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