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Cheez-It Bowl vs. Cal

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double V, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. These Bowl games were already pretty much a joke but it's getting even worse, and fast. Every day you read where a few more players are going to skip them and prepare for the draft.....and not even high round guys, just about anyone with any kind of pro potential. The floodgates on that have opened wide it seems. What is the breaking point on have 30+ bowls, 20+ of which hardly anyone gives a crap about?
  2. Agreed, but the angle of the field means that most seats are endzone to begin with. So to I bought thru TCU high up and thru broker along the filed seats at the 50. Whichever has the best view is where I will sit.
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  3. Answering that question depends on the time period. Cal has always accepted a few athletes that are academically below normal standards. Maybe Lynch fell into that category (I don't know) but he was a good student at Cal. DeSean Jackson was a good student in high school and college. Reports are he had a 1280 out of 1600 on the SAT, which was higher than this Cal grad who didn't play sports.

    A decade ago Cal took a lot of questionable academic athletes in the pursuit of good football and it backfired, leaving Cal with near the lowest APR in college football and lots of football dropouts. Now 80% of all recruits have to have a 3.0 GPA and our APR is now near the top. There are many good football players on the west coast that Cal can't recruit for academic reasons.
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  4. Thanks. I was legitimately wondering about the academic stuff, although I was a little tongue in cheek about Lynch and Jackson. They both seem like strange guys but certainly doesn't mean they aren't smart.
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  5. Will be interesting to see what progress the offense can make with this being what Muehlstein's 3rd or 4th start and getting the extra bowl practices. This game will probably be the closest example of what our offense would have looked like had Muehlstein been running the show all year long. Should be interesting.

    Are we expected to get any other injured players back from injury for this bowl game?
  6. How perfect that a baked cracker sponsors the Berkeley/TCU game.
  7. Did I miss a few games?
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  8. It is Muehlstein's 2nd start. He only start was against Oky St.
  9. Muehlstein is a senior and making his 2nd start in his last eligible game. You guys seem happy about him starting. I'm curious why (I know nothing of Muehlstein except what I said above, which doesn't sound like a good resume, but like I said, I know nothing of him).
  10. We're happy because TCU has won the 2 games he's played in and he is our last healthy scholarship QB on the roster. Without him we'd be direct snapping to Reagor or starting a walkon. He has played smart and not taken risks with the ball which is all we can ask at this point. I say this only about him as a football player but a fifth year senior that is 3rd string is third string for a reason.

    Google Bram Kohlhausen and the Alamo Bowl and you will understand why we have a weird obsession with backup QBs thrust into action.
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  11. Note: they must have a very German last name.

    Also, supposedly if Muehl were to get hurt Rogers would be available to play.
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  12. I will always cheer on guys who stick with the school and do not transfer out. It's like cheering on a walk-on. You want them to succeed.
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  13. He is a good person, but a lot of him staying had to do with a girl
  14. Then I like him even more.
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  16. He hasn't done anything special, but for a third string QB who's never played to come in and win a couple games is a big deal. It's especially a big deal when one of those wins was against Baylor.

    If we were judging him by the standard of a full time starting QB then we likely wouldn't be as excited about what he's done. But regardless of how this game goes, he's already surpassed anything you could expect from a 3rd string QB who has never been higher than 3rd string in the depth chart in his 5 years here.
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  17. Don't know the reason
    Stayed here all season
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  18. Oh it’s just kind of a feel good story at the end of a year that has been crazy and frustrating
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  19. Still undefeated
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