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Cheez-It Bowl vs. Cal

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Double V, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Bet the under!

    Both teams have good defenses, here's how they rank in certain areas, per ESPN.com...

    Defensive Efficiency:
    Cal 8 (80.8)
    TCU 17 (77)

    Total Defense, Points/Game:
    Cal 24 (21.3)
    TCU 44 (24.4)

    Passing Defense, Yds/Game:
    Cal 24 (187.1)
    TCU 40 (202.6)

    Passing Defense, Yds/Attempt:
    Cal 21 (6.1)
    TCU 33 (6.5)

    Rushing Defense, Yds/Game:
    Cal 31 (132.3)
    TCU 41 (141.8)

    Rushing Defense, Yds/Attempt:
    Cal 21 (3.5)
    TCU 31 (3.6)
  2. Yeah, I was looking at some comparisons too. Cal looks really good on paper. And they no doubt will be tough. But I just wonder how much the conferences skew the comparisons. I was looking at some PAC12/Big12 comparisons. No surprise, but the Big12 has significantly better offensive output than the PAC.
    OU, Western Virginia, Okie State, and Tech all have significantly better offensive output than PAC leader Washington State. Last place in the Big12, KState, is slightly worse than last place Cal.
    On defense, the PAC looks a little stronger. In this year's numbers, TCU comes in behind Washington, Utah, and Cal. On the flip side, our worst defenses are very comparable to the PAC except for Oregon St, which was unbelievably terrible.

    So, is the PAC a good defensive conference or are the numbers inflated because the offenses are just average?
  3. I’m looking for tickets on the third base line
  4. Can I get a seat out in the outfield poolside
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  5. Great idea in theory, but the NCAA has no control over the bowls, and presenting sponsorships net about 25-30% less than naming rights sponsorships. That’s a lot less money for bowl execs to blow on expensive trips and gifts for themselves and their families.
  6. Cal fan here. I'd take the under on this game as well. Cal's offense has issues, as you know. We don't have a playmaker like Jalen Reagor but I'm looking forward to seeing him battle with our safety Ashtyn Davis, who will be providing the CB's with help.
  7. Welcome.
  8. The ESPN FPI defensive efficiency takes all that into consideration. Even adjusting for opponents offenses, Cal has a better defensive efficiency, however Cal never played an offense like Oklahoma or West Virginia this year, which, even when factoring in adjustments, still has to be a blow to our efficiency.
  9. It'll be an interesting defensive battle. My question is who steps up for the Frogs on offense. You know Cal's going to zero in on Reagor to keep him contained, so who'll take advantage of any openings all that attention leaves?
  10. A Cal fan!
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  11. These seat choices are horrible.
  12. Earlier I was complaining to myself about how much complaining there was on this board. Now that I see our seat choices I am complaining. Why is this game in a baseball stadium when they have 2 perfectly good football fields out there? Loved the old Sun Devil Stadium last time.
    There are much better tickets on seat geek. Guess that makes me a bad Frog.
  13. If you are going you are a better frog than most.
  14. If you are bored go look at the setup on GoFrogs.com. I got 2 from a reseller about 25 rows up 50 yard line Frog side. Most of the stadiums seats are on the Cal side as it's an asymmetrical field. Most of the TCU offerings were in the end zone. Not paying $350 to $400 for a flight to sit in the end zone.
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  15. Meh. We usually reserve that joke for our Stanford friends.
  16. Really wish conferences would stand up to these bowl games. TCU or whoever can't expect fans to sit in the endzone for twice the price of tickets on the 50.
  17. One thing I've always wondered about Berkley is how stringent their academic requirements are for athletes. I know that it's a fine academic institution, but I also know that Marshawn Lynch and DeSean Jackson went there.
  18. In a baseball stadium it is always smart to be up higher in the stands. I would try for the mezzanine or upper deck for a football game.
  19. I hope the logo on the 50 yard line is just a gigantic Cheez It.

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