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Briles to interview for OC position at Southern Miss

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. While there will be those Baylor fans and donors who will want to bring Briles back, Baylor Board of Regents will never let him near their campus.

    Way too much public image damage already caused by The Imp of Satan!
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  2. You misspelled pimp
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  3. Well, they did before. The only reason they cut him loose was that he could be fingered for all the blame, while they could spin a web of plausible deniability. Cost them some money, but 3 years of the normal churn of events has worked it's magic on the short-attention-span public, and nobody really remembers what happened.

    Besides, they have bills to pay...
  4. What became of his stint with the Florence Nightingales? Did he win an Italian National Championship?
  5. Briles was fingered? Serves him right.
  6. Yeeeeeah, that’s gonna another penalty.
  7. curious as isn't baylor in the early stages of an ncaa investigation in which art is named?

    i would think at the least southern miss would have to consider art might get hit with a show cause penalty from the ncaa
  8. I hope someone forwards the Deadspin article to S. Miss.
  9. S. Miss no longer considering Briles for OC job.

  10. Their head coach might not have a job much longer either
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  11. I really hate the "Everyone makes mistakes, I'm a sinner too, everyone deserves a second chance". Especially when you wrap it in the veil of Christianity.

    HE. HASN'T. APOLOGIZED. He and his staff, including his son, remain adamant that he didn't do anything wrong and was instead made. He doesn't want "a second chance", he thinks his first chance was unjustly taken from him and thinks he was fired without cause. He thinks he's the victim!

    If and when there is repentance, there can be a discussion over whether forgiveness / a second chance is appropriate. We aren't there yet, and that's 100% on Briles.
  12. Realtors about to get busy in Hattiesburg
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    I'll be in Florence in May.

    I'm hoping for a Florence Nightingale fighting Nat's green and gold hat.

    Link to a USA player's video of going to Florence and playing for Briles.

    Edit: He talked like he played for Briles at Baylor, now I'm thinking he was that punter that got clocked in the Michigan State Cotton Bowl game.


  14. Thank goodness the University President put the kibosh on that nonsense...
  15. I've always thought Baylor fans wanted a school to hire Briles only so he could be "redeemed" and Baylor has the all clear to hire him again
  16. Couldn't be happier that Brile's Italian team wore purple.....
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  17. Have no idea why you singled out “veiled in Christianity” for enhanced revulsion. As for me, you could have stopped at “second chance” and I’d have been in complete agreement. He’s not incarcerated. His liberty is not being curtailed. While I believe in forgiveness, I absolutely do not believe that forgiveness necessarily carries the right to “second chances” - defined as being able to do that which you were doing when you demonstrated abhorrent character and judgement.

    And I don’t give a rat’s ass whether he apologizes or not. Makes no difference in my opinion. Must he cry? Must a super majority of listeners rate it as sincere? Sometimes you forfeit the privilege of doing something you love because of your behavior. If someone will hire him he can do a radio show. He could own a car dealership. Write a book. Be a speaker at coaching conferences. Lots of things. The history he both created and tried to hide means he should never coach football again regardless of the volume or tone with which he says “I’m sorry.” His most sincere apology would be to move the heck on with his life.
  18. This doesn’t make me happy. Do not wish to ever see him wearing purple.
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