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Briles to interview for OC position at Southern Miss

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Feb 4, 2019.

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    If I was a bail bondsman in Hattiesburg, MS, I I would be jumping for joy
  2. Southern Miss, you are better than this.
  3. In related news, the women’s shelter and rape crisis center of Hattiesburg, MS have received funding for expansion.
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  4. Exactly.

    Who is doing the thinking down there?
  5. I hope they hire him because I want to see him fail. Right now he has this reputation as a coach that any offense he's hired to run is going to instantly start scoring at will and be dominant, and I don't think that will happen at Southern Miss.
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  6. I would love nothing more than him be hired then have that school face NCAA violations because of him.
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  7. That's where Mark Cohen's son is, right, doing media relations?
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  8. I would love nothing more than for him to never work again, but that's just me.
  9. I agree but I’ve pretty much accepted that some one will hire him at some point
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  10. Yes, Cohen’s son is there. I bet he is very busy today.
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  11. BU fans should be happy that he will never be their coach again. The nightmare he and others caused at that school is not worth any amount of wins. But if Southern Miss hires him, there will undoubtedly be BU folks who scream that they should bring him back. Basically, the football world will watch two schools burn themselves down because of a low life who not only covered up sexuals assault and coached to play dirty, but also got players illegal benefits and maybe even roided up high school players.

    People really have lost their marbles.
  12. Yep.

    There was this sequence in The Natural where the grizzled old manager brought in some lecturer that maintained, "Losing is a disease..." Winning, while being pretty danged nice and all, can also breed the desire to keep on doing so. This isn't a bad thing at all, so long as one keeps a little integrity while striving to win. It is when some abandon all integrity, throw the rules to the wind with a hearty dose of contempt and strike out to win at all costs, regardless of the wreckage and brokenness left in their wake that you have a real problem on your hands. Every sport has some amoral scuzzballs who cheat, but there are then those who burrow below the usual level of mere cheating and achieve a new nadir of perfidy and sheer awfulness. Warden Art reached that level, and then sent for explosives...

    Like any person hired to a position like this, there has to be a degree of due diligence on the part of the hiring institution. Admittedly, the position of OC may not receive the attention the Head Coach would, but the stench wafting from the very name Briles (not to mention the glowing green radiation peeling the paint from the walls...) should have Administrators fleeing in panic. After all, it isn't like there is plenty of information ready to hand about what this slimebag did at his last gig. His name should have been dismissed out of hand and whoever suggested him frowned down in shame, if not pelted with drink glasses, water pitchers and whatever else was close to hand at the meeting where such a horrid suggestion was made. But. alas...

    The desire to win, past all bounds of integrity, has evidently infected the folks down round Hattiesburg. To think that they would only have the guy around to run their offense, yet somehow keep him from sliming the whole program while he is there is a dangerous fantasy. They are better served to sober up and shoo him away, while they still can.
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    I'll put it more succinctly:

    Briles can go scheiss himself
  14. you'll know he's been hired if all the vets in hattiesburg are suddenly out of steroids
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  15. Liked for "nadir of perfidy"
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  16. Only an interview but if hired, win at all cost. Let So. Miss in a couple of years go 9-3, 10-2 and you won't hear 1 word about Briles.
  17. If he was successful at Baylor which he won like 6 conference games in 10 years, he will be successful at so miss.
  18. Agreed. It wouldn’t take much to win in that [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] conference.
  19. ...and were put on high alert!
    Spit Blood~~<~<and scheiss baylor & art briles!!

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