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Big 12 vs SEC Challenge 2020

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. As expected Iowa State is getting stomped at Auburn.

    West Virginia is playing very sloppy at home vs Mizzou

    Other games today

    1:00 PM
    Miss St. @ OU
    LSU @ Texas

    3:00 PM
    OK State @ Texas A&M
    TCU @ Arkansas
    Tennessee @ #3 Kansas

    5:00 PM
    Kansas State @ Alabama
    #15 Kentucky @ #18 Texas Tech

    7:00 PM
    #1 Baylor @ Florida
  2. Going to be hard for the big 12 to win this year imo. TCU winning would be huge for the conference. Tech really needs to beat Kentucky too
  3. WV putting clamps on. Huge 2nd half run
  4. WVU killing mizz right now up by 20+ in with <10 left

    Edit: Neither B12 game going on right now can match the drama and pageantry of the College Cornhole Championship.
  5. Cornhole update: Uni sponsors are Subway and Johnsonville, and one of the players has a Glorious Mullet that puts Gundy to absolute shame

    Edit: Bonus Johnsonville-related info:

    "You can't spell "Sausage" without "U.S.A."

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  6. Earlier this season,
    • Iowa State won @ Alabama
    • OU won vs Mizzou
    • Texas won vs Texas A&M in Fort Worth
    • OK State won vs Ole Miss
    • Kansas State lost @ Miss St
    So going into today, the Big 12 technically already has a 4-1 lead over the SEC this season.
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  7. axe throwing is where you find athletes of all creed, color, age, and race or at least that is what one of the commentators on espn said this morning
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  8. For some reason, OU is playing Miss St at the OKC Thunder arena instead of their home court.

  9. Be interesting to see if this is viewed as a 'home' or 'neutral' game. The NCAA has some stupid rules when it comes to making the determination (I know shocker right?).

    The Frogs game vs. USC in December is viewed as a Frogs 'home' game simply because TCU supplied the support staff. The only reason they did was because it was the first game in the new arena and they hadn't hired their own people.
  10. In Austin, LSU helping Shaka get ready to pack his bags.

    I hope UTx plays that way against TCU.
  11. Are we beginning to detect some give up in Austin? I’m not sure myself, probably we’ll only know in retrospect
  12. Then we shouldn’t have played there. It’s not like the schedule was secret or the date snuck up on Dickie’s.
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  13. They were supposed to have people hired by the time the arena opened. Plus, it was part of the agreement when scheduled. That's not TCU's fault.

    Last year's game at the Staples Center was a 'neutral' game.
  14. Reports of UT's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Tied with 4:44 to go
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  15. I’m literally 1 of 5 people in purple in here. Gonna be tough. Nice arena.
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  16. Haha not today...UT within a basket with a minute left. I really don’t want them coming here with any confidence
  17. SEC refs proving to be even worse than Big 12 refs.
  18. Brutal
  19. Didn’t say it was TCU’s fault. What Dickie’s was “supposed” to do is irrelevant to my way of thinking. When they weren’t staffed by a given date or delinquent on any other project milestones, should have moved the game.
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  20. Is it too early to say the fix is in for Arky?
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