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Big 12 Baseball Tourney

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, May 25, 2016.

  1. Fighting Mazey's vs Hughes' Cheaters lead off the morning
  2. Roll call for the TCU game today.

    I'm planning on being there. Might be late though, depends on when my class ends.

    Edit: maybe not. For some reason I thought I could buy single game (game, not session) tickets for a decent price. Not sure I'm willing to pay ~$70 for the wife and I to maybe see TCU play once or twice. Guess I'm watching from home.
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  3. WVU pitcher chased down the runner on a sac bunt (2nd batter) and is hurt. He gone. Not good news for the Mazey's. All he had to do was toss the ball to 1B. Admire the hustle but damn...toss the ball.
  4. Schloss has arrived at Bricktown Ballpark. WVU threatening in B2 of a scoreless game
  5. Just as an FYI, for those that have Direct TV, but don't get the FCS channels (FCS is carrying the tournament).   Direct TV will let you add the FCS channels on a month to month basis.   It's $15/month, but they immediately offered me $5/month off for the first 3 months.   Being that you can cancel at any time, I thought paying $10 to see the tournament was a pretty good deal.   They had the channel up and running in about 30 seconds.  
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  6. 3 run blast to dead CF lifts Mazey's to a 4 - 0 lead in B4. OU starter must have thrown 90 pitches so far. Been on the mound seems like forever.
  7. 5-0 Eers thru 4. OU starter is done. Leg kickin' lefty been a solid replacement for Eer starter so far
    I figured you could just show up and buy one from someone outside. The place is always mostly empty.
  9. Go! Spike & I went a few years ago and simply walked up and bought single game tickets. They were 15$ I think?? We Went and sat right behind home plate about 15 rows up. For the earlier rounds they certainly won't check seat numbers. Go sit where you want and have fun.
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  10. This.
    I did the same thing two years ago.   Buy at the park, and sit pretty much anywhere you want (until Sunday that is).
  11. Mazey's shut out the inexplicably mediocre Sooners. 6-0 final. Sooners muster two whole hits. Hearing bad juju has been infecting that Sooner locker room since the fall semester.
  12. Just bought a ticket for Son of Pharm for the TTU v KSU game off the street for $10.
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  13. Do you think their new coach will last much longer?  Since arriving, Sooner baseball hasn't exactly been a world beater
  14. The Big 12 conference holds the Sooners back. Yawn
  15. Before the season started I was hearing host a regional or gone. With his kid on the team I'm hearing the locker room is a mess because everyone thinks the walls have ears. But recently I'm hearing that nobody really gives a darn and he may get to run out his contract. I just can't believe that but maybe it's true.
  16. If by that you mean J Holliday is kicking his arse in recruiting you are correct
  17. Is that Schloss in the 3rd row behind home?
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  19. That's why I was hoping OU was on our side of the bracket. They haven't had a pulse recently.

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